World Hiawatha | Activity Report

The Hiawatha World has been Brown County’s premier source for information and marketing since 1908.

Accuracy and reliability are points of attention for the personnel of the World. Member of NPG Newspapers, the Hiawatha world has several local staff members: editor Joey May and multimedia marketing consultant Sarah Davies, as well as writer Adam Clay and photographer Josephine May. Additionally, we have our staff at our St. Joseph office to expand the services we offer.

Credibility and consistency are key to providing a quality source of information and the staff we have make this their top priority on a daily basis. Our staff is made up of local people who care about the community and understand that practicing ethical journalism is what makes the World what it is.

With products such as the annual Revue d’Affaires, special sections and the weekly, the World is also an effective way to reach customers for all types of businesses.

The World unveiled its website in 2013, which is a key product in the region for online marketing, and readers can also find the Hiawatha World on Facebook. Three years ago we unveiled our new eEdition, which gives readers access to full pages of the newspaper on our website, for a monthly fee, in addition to our new Hiawatha World app to make paper accessible on your tablet and phone.

We are a daily source of information through our website and with our many platforms we can offer marketing solutions for all types of businesses with any budget.

One thing that makes World different from other media in the region is that we follow our audience. With each of our products, we know how many people we reach and where those people are. If you don’t know how many people you’re reaching, you’re just hoping you’re reaching people.

Print advertising is still the only medium that consistently brings results and if a company has a good product and a good message, then the Hiawatha World can bring you the audience.

The Business Review is an example of the high quality printed materials produced by the World.

We hope you enjoy the 2022 edition of Business Review, which will introduce residents and visitors to some of the region’s best businesses.

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