What works in social media marketing and sales? Humanize brands and increase reliability by leveraging VOC data

Marketing and selling on social media is deceptively simple – even if it doesn’t take much to start a tweet or update a LinkedIn status, the posts that get the most engagement and who, ultimately help close the most deals, are interactive, thoughtful and personalized.

But personalization isn’t easy on social media, as its reach spans the globe: 95% of B2B marketers use social media content in one form or another, making it the type most widely used content. With such reach, marketers often turn to generic assets to hopefully cover everyone’s interests, whether it’s an up-and-coming intern or a seasoned CMO. But in a channel as noisy, cluttered and impersonal as social media, cover-style content just won’t cut it.

This special report will uncover the latest trends in social media marketing and sales, with a focus on personalization efforts to help organizations diversify their content and stand out from the crowd. Specific discussion topics will include:

  • What types of content resonate best with prospects and customers on social media, and how to personalize it;
  • The role data plays in identifying the channels most frequented by prospects and customers;
  • The most popular social channels and how marketing/sales can leverage them;
  • How to harness customer voices in social media posts and content to build campaign credibility and build brand influencers; and
  • The role social plays in competitive analysis, such as monitoring new releases and accessing reviews to see what customers really think of competitors’ products.

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