What Works in Account-Based Marketing: The Evolution from B2B to ABX

Is ABX the new ATM? Account-Based Experience (ABX) is poised to be the next evolution in Account-Based Marketing, taking into account the entire customer journey. A major part of this is Account Insights, which allows marketers to take all customer/prospect information and activate it at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Marketers use this combination of intent, first-party, and third-party data to engage accounts more effectively and close deals faster while delivering more personalized and targeted reach.

Research of Demand Generation Report2022 State of ABM Baseline Survey“found that the content or experiences that practitioners offer as part of their ABM initiatives include interactive content (45%), against 37%, content related to influencers/lawyers increased to 35% from 24%, video content landed 49%, up from 39% last year and promotional items giveaways increased to 35%, whereas only 26% used it last year.

Throughout this report, we will discuss:

  • The role ABM plays in maintaining ABX policies;
  • How to combine ABM and ABX strategies to achieve the most success for your business; and
  • How to further align marketing, sales and customer teams to create omnichannel experiences for target accounts.

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