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Technological advancements continue to create new online business opportunities. FitPreneurShip, an online training center for digital entrepreneurs, has launched a new report that examines underused methods to drive growth online.

Driving traffic to a business’s website is considered one of the cornerstones of success in the digital age. The new report explains that, rather than spending large sums on advertising, startups can apply several lesser-known techniques that don’t require any financial outlay.

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Readers are featured at membership sites, giveaways, and Quora. The author points out that while these methods can be very effective at generating traffic, many online entrepreneurs do not use them to their advantage.

While 2020 will likely be remembered in a negative light, it has also been marked by accelerating growth in the digital market. An IBISWorld report estimates that the percentage of business done online has increased by 27.9%.

Of course, new business areas such as social media influencers were already important before 2020. However, advancements in areas such as connectivity and cloud computing have opened even more doors for digital startups. In addition to its growing library of training materials, the latest article from FitPreneurShip provides additional information for those entering the market for the first time.

As a starting point, the company suggests membership sites as a good way to build mailing lists. Many of them can be joined for free, and users can then send emails to other members. The report provides additional information on some paid services, which it says often have significantly more users.

Giveaways are an age-old promotional tool, but FitPreneurShip says it’s still underutilized in the digital world. Indeed, the company claims that a well-run contest has the potential to go viral, leading to exponential growth in website traffic. Readers are advised on how to create and manage a successful giveaway.

With up to 300 million monthly users, the Quora online knowledge sharing platform is also a cost effective way to market a business or product. The author, however, cautions readers against spam links, as this may result in users being banned from the forum.

With a little time and effort, FitPreneurShip claims that digital startups can reach large audiences without spending large sums of money. The latest report provides several new tools that online entrepreneurs can harness for their future success.

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