This app enables home bakers to sell online and makes starting a business a snap

Home bakers can create an e-commerce website with Cococart in minutes

Many Singaporeans have found love in baking amid long hours spent at home during the ‘circuit breaker’ period.

For those who are serious about their craft, “circuit cooking” has become more than a hobby. It was an alternative source of income – a chance to start a business and see it thrive.

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But finding success can be difficult, especially when you also have to manage the fine administrative details of building a brand and juggle countless orders.

Enter Casserole, an e-commerce platform that makes it easy to create an order payment website. Within minutes, your online business is ready to go.

Now you can focus on your cooking without the knead to set the controls manually.

Configure your order form on Cococart in a few clicks

Starting a new business from scratch is difficult. You’ll have to take on several non-baking duties, such as tracking orders, communicating with customers, and maybe even personally handling delivery.

Things can get overwhelming – you probably wish you were an octopus instead so you could multitask.

Casserole can help make life a little easier. In a few simple steps that will take you less than 5 minutes, you can set up an order form and establish your business online.

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All you need to do is submit a few details about your business, such as your store name, product, delivery or pickup details, and upload photos of your product. Just like that, your website will be created instantly.

Casserole also gives you the ability to add options and customize each product.


So even if your customers are looking for some extra chocolate chips or a healthier option, you can send them exactly what they need.

There you go, your shop has its own e-commerce site.

It’s a simple process that only takes about 2 minutes, saving you valuable hours of managing orders one by one.

The service is delivered at no additional cost. And we all know how much every penny counts when running your own small business.

Aesthetic and easy to use

Establishing your home bakery business means striving to deliver quality baked goods — and an enjoyable experience — to your customers.

In addition to a user-friendly interface, your e-commerce site with Casserole is also pleasing to the eye thanks to its minimalist aesthetic design.


You can link the site to your social media accounts so customers can keep up to date with your latest designs and offers.

The website is also easily accessible on desktop computers and mobile devices. This way, your customers can enter their orders on the go, whether it’s last-minute planning for a co-worker’s birthday or an early order for their parents’ birthday.

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CasseroleThe platform accepts various forms of payment, from credit cards to PayNow, so your customers don’t have to worry if they don’t have shiny plastic or a money transfer service.

The system will send order confirmation emails, as well as reminder emails, with your brand logo.

So hopefully, the days are over of dealing with pesky customers who forget to take their orders, which can waste valuable time for you and your bakers.

Merchant Dashboard helps you track your business growth

When you’re a home baker who also runs a business, it’s time to start thinking like an entrepreneur. You will need useful information that will help ensure your business stays afloat.

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Casserole organizes data so you know where to start looking. Orders placed will generate automatic receipts to help you keep track of things.

And you’d be happy to know that the Merchant Dashboard includes all the features you need to manage and track your business growth.

These include:

  • number of orders
  • income earned
  • average order size
  • best products

You can even find out how most customers prefer to make payments and receive orders.

The platform will also let you arrange sales and deliveries to suit your schedule – no coding or jumping through complicated hoops required.

There is also no need to manage your sales manually, as discount codes will attract customers for you.

Whether you’re a millennial starting a business as a side hustle or a mom who’s been convinced to start selling your baked goods, the process will be as easy as pie.

Get 1 month free premium membership on Cococart

Thousands of merchants have already made over $15 million in sales using Casserole, a testament to the value that a simple service can provide.

Image courtesy of Cococart

So if you are just starting out or looking for a way to run your small business better, you might consider jumping on the Casserole car.

There are 2 types of plans available: free and premium. The free plan is self-explanatory, while the premium plan starts from $5 per month.

Casserole is currently offering a free month of its premium membership worth up to S$106.50 (US$79). So, in addition to being able to create a complete online store in minutes, you can take advantage of the following features to grow your business:

  • promo code
  • Connect your own domain
  • Bulk discounts
  • Export orders in CSV format
  • Analytics and reports
  • Customer reminders
  • Daily order summaries
  • Custom logo in emails
  • Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics

To use it, just enter the promo codeMUSTSHARECNY> by February 2, 2022 upon departure. Learn more about what Casserole has to offer on their website here or check them out on Instagram.

Have the right tools for your home business

Taking that leap into the unknown and following your passions is one of the bravest choices you can make.

Don’t let your dreams get bogged down in day-to-day administrative details that have nothing to do with the delicious pastries you make.

So if you were trying to start a home bakery, to cook it matters by using the right tools that help you celebrate your talents by reaching more customers with your baked goods.

This post has been brought to you in collaboration with Casserole.

Image courtesy of Cococart.

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