The WWE roster has the same questions we do on Survivor Series


Whether you thought Saturday’s unexpected Twitter reveal of the Survivor 2021 series male and female elimination teams was the epitome of laziness or an online marketing stroke of genius, it raised a few questions.

It turns out wrestling fans on the internet weren’t the only ones asking them. WWE Superstars … they’re just like us!

While the matches that have been booked on Raw and SmackDown in the past to determine who wins a spot on a Survivor Series team have rarely been difficult to predict, they are always a way to fill the airtime and do something. important thing. The decision to go for the “surprise drop album” method means none of that this year, and it resulted in a guy who didn’t make the cut turned into “hmmm? “…

My man Geno was among those who questioned why WWE refused to do more to make traditional Survivor Series matches important. On Twitter, a conversation that started about the leadership of Team Blue became a hot topic, with mixed intra and cross-team trash discussions:

We know Ricochet isn’t getting an answer, but maybe King Woods will. He manifested that crown and that scepter, didn’t He? Of course, it took him most of his life, but if he maintains that line of inquiry, maybe the winners of the traditional Survivor series matches will have something in the 2040 edition of the PPV. Accessories to His Royal Highness for at least pretending that “winner’s purse” is one thing.

While King X works its magic, I guess we’ll just stick with ‘brand supremacy’.

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