Terminus acquires Zylotech and launches new CDP for B2B marketers


Source: Terminus

Terminus announced the acquisition of Zylotech, one of the leading B2B customer data platforms, and renamed it the Terminus Customer Data Platform (CDP), which will help marketers improve their go-to-market data and to discover new purchasing committees. By acquiring Zylotech, Terminus became one of the only account-based marketing (ABM) platforms equipped with a stand-alone CDP solution tailored to the needs of the B2B market.

Terminus is an account-based engagement platform designed to help businesses generate more revenue through multi-channel account-based marketing (ABM) capabilities. Its platform, the Terminus Engagement Hub, is capable of connecting first-party and third-party data across a suite of engagement channels, including chat, ads, email, and the web. The company’s solutions also integrate with leading platforms for marketing automation, content experience, data, CRM, business engagement and other platforms.

With the acquisition of Zylotech and the launch of the Terminus Customer Data Platform (CDP), Terminus users will now have access to a suite of B2B data solutions, including auditing, cleansing, enrichment and data management . The CDP Terminus is designed to help B2B go-to-market teams improve campaign effectiveness, data accuracy, and sales cycles.

In a blog post announcing the news, Tim Kopp, CEO of Terminus, said: “With the Terminus CDP at work behind the scenes for our customers, they can be confident that their account and contact details will always be accurate. . Not only that, but their data will grow with them, as Terminus CDP automatically discovers new contact and account data needed to expand your ABM efforts. We were the pioneers of ABM; we know firsthand that it starts and ends with data. We’re leading the next marketing revolution by connecting powerful engagement channels with the first and third-party data you need to run a multi-channel ABM that delivers higher return on investment and greater impact.

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