TAAT’s Beyond Tobacco Gets Green Light from Public Health England and Large UK Order


Alternative tobacco manufacturer TAAT Global Alternatives (CSE: TAAT / OTCQX: TOBAF / FRA: 2TP) has received a purchase order for two containers of TAAT valued at € 720,000 (approximately CAD $ 1,075,000) from a wholesaler based in London, England, which will be TAAT’s exclusive distributor in the UK and Ireland.

The same distributor had already placed a first purchase order of € 100,000 (approximately CA $ 149,000). TAAT’s Beyond Tobacco material, which goes into its cigarettes, does not contain nicotine. As a result, it enjoys competitive advantages over other brands of tobacco in the UK, where tobacco cigarettes must be sold in “plain packaging”.

TAAT gets green light for UK distribution

The TAAT distributor has also obtained registration confirmation from the Tobacco and Allied Products and Regulatory Authority of Public Health England, which authorizes the sale of TAAT throughout Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales).

The launch of TAAT in the UK will coincide with expected market developments in the coming years resulting from the planned withdrawal of Philip Morris International of the tobacco cigarette category in the UK by the end of the decade, which the firm announced at the end of July 2021.

With the recent UK menthol cigarette ban effective May 20, 2020, TAAT Menthol can offer legal age smokers who prefer mentholated tobacco cigarettes a familiar flavor profile that cannot be achieved with any tobacco product. fuel in the country. In addition, TAAT will be sold in the UK at an attractive price compared to major brands of tobacco cigarettes, which should allow legal age smokers in the UK to benefit from savings by switching to TAAT.

Philip Morris’ plan to leave the UK market could open up new opportunities

Globally, Philip Morris International has announced its intention to stop selling cigarettes altogether. On the “Smoke-Free Life” page of its corporate website, the company states “At Philip Morris International, we are focused on our mission to someday stop selling cigarettes”.

TAAT said this week that it is closely monitoring these initiatives to strategically introduce its tobacco and nicotine-free alternative to traditional cigarettes in markets where Philip Morris International intends to end cigarette sales, such as the United Kingdom. where the tobacco giant recently said its plans to stop selling cigarettes by the end of the decade.

Chairman and CEO of TAAT Setti Coscarella said: ‘We fully support Philip Morris International’s plan to stop selling tobacco cigarettes in the UK, not only because it creates opportunities for us when we enter this market, but also because it validates what we’ve been saying from the start… that legal age smokers deserve to have a better choice than tobacco cigarettes.

Why TAAT retains an advantage over tobacco cigarettes

TAAT has aggressively positioned itself as an alternative to nicotine products like cigarettes and vaping. Its products do not contain any addictive substances and can be used as an alternative to nicotine patches by those who wish to quit smoking. The company just added TAAT distribution to seven new US states in two months, but the UK-Ireland deal marks its first and very important entry into the European market.

TAAT investors expected some form of European clearance this summer, following the first order to buy its commodity, with the UK and / or Ireland seen as the main distribution market.


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