Syntax elevates several key leaders to drive global growth


The elevation of these five individuals reflects their proven expertise and contributions to Syntax’s mission to deliver brand excellence and drive global expansion.

Syntax, a leading provider of multi-cloud managed cloud and mission-critical applications, announced the promotion of five people to new leadership roles following a year of successful growth in 2021. The rise of these members of the organization toward U.S. and global leadership will support Syntax’s rapidly growing business.

“As we continue to win more global customers and our business gains recognition in the industry, Syntax is committed to investing in its people and integrating our best talent into our leadership team,” said Christian Primeau, Syntax Global CEO. “Syntax is delighted to recognize the success of these individuals as they step into their new roles, and we look forward to seeing their impact on our team as we continue our mission to deliver excellence to our customers.”

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“In 2022, we look forward to continuing to grow the pool of diverse talent – ​​both gender and racial – at all levels of the organization.”

Syntax has elevated the following people to its leadership team this year:

  • Kevin Dattalico has been promoted to general manager of the Americas. Kevin had an immediate impact on the organization, growing the sales pipeline, providing the highest quality customer service and providing visionary leadership. He joined Syntax as Americas Chief Revenue Officer in April 2020.
  • Mike Evans has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer. Mike is responsible for delivering value to Syntax customers by continually driving improvement to ensure Syntax exceeds customer expectations. He joined Syntax as Chief Operating Officer of the Americas in May 2020.
  • Shana Ricchiuto has been promoted to Global Head of Legal. Shana is focused on growing Syntax’s legal function to meet its global business, regulatory and compliance needs, with a focus on accelerating sales velocity. She joined Syntax as part of the acquisition of Core Services in 2017.
  • Sarah Mills has been promoted to Vice President of Cloud Operations and JDE Managed Services. Sarah is responsible for Syntax’s global public cloud operations organization, better known as “Ops Dev”, in addition to her responsibility for JDE managed services. She joined Syntax as Senior Director of JDE Managed Services through the acquisition of EmeraldCube in January 2019.
  • Alexis Burnett has been promoted to vice president of global marketing. Alexis leads the planning and execution of Syntax’s global marketing strategy, including branding, go-to-market strategy, demand generation, customer acquisition and communications with key audiences . She joined Syntax as Chief Marketing Officer for the Americas through the acquisition of EmeraldCube in January 2019.

“At Syntax, we believe in the benefits of having diverse representation on our leadership team,” said Dessalen Wood, Global Human Resources Director at Syntax. “In 2021, Syntax launched a Women In Technology group aimed at nurturing future leaders and raising the voice of our female talent. In 2022, we look forward to continuing to grow the pool of diverse talent – ​​both gender and racial – at all levels of the organization. »

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