Solar generator pioneer Jackery set to unveil its toughest product yet on May 12

Jackery has long been a provider of solar power products that offer self-contained power supplies on the go and as a home backup generator. For more than a decade, Jackery has expertly manufactured solar panels and portable power stations before bringing them together into a single portable energy solution: the solar generator.

The first of its kind, the Jackery Solar Generator is a set of solar solutions that tightly integrates portability with solar power. It converts solar energy captured by solar panels into electrical energy and then stores it in a portable power station for later use. This access to clean, on-demand energy provides people with the tools they need to enhance their outdoor experience and “Live the Outdoors Life.”

Jackery’s solar generator concept is the result of years of R&D in the field of solar energy and portable power generation. In 2015, the world’s first series of portable lithium power supplies, the Explorer, catapulted Jackery’s pioneering portable power line onto the global stage and featured an innovative battery management system. Since then, Jackery has designed a range of Explorer models, including the Explorer 240, a classic model that has become a staple in the portable power station family since its launch in 2018.

In the same year, Jackery unveiled the original SolarPeak technology alongside the Solarsaga series of solar panels. Designed to provide long-lasting power supplies for off-grid outdoor living, Jackery’s SolarSaga series has increased solar charging efficiency to set an industry standard. Following this, the company combined the two technologies in the Solar Generator, which combines the Explorer and SolarSaga into a single clean energy solution to make electricity even greener, more efficient and more convenient, contributing to the emergence of several chart topping products, including the Jackery Solar Generator 1000.

Jackery has continued to grow its excellent brand and product line for sustainable outdoor living, setting the industry standard and benchmark for solar and renewable charging. To date, with a global footprint spanning from the United States to Europe, Japan and ChinaJackery has achieved over 1.5 million worldwide sales.

About Jackery

Founded in California in 2012, Jackery is a global top-selling outdoor solar generator brand that encourages campers to go further outdoors without compromise. As a pioneer in the solar generator concept and products, Jackery offers a range of portable and versatile green generators that meet all outdoor needs, from charging a cell phone or laptop to bulk power. appliances such as electric cooking equipment, heaters and lights. Its products are regularly selected as Best Sellers on Amazon, Amazon’s Choice since 2020.

So far, Jackery has received 12 prestigious international awards, including Red Dot Design Award, iF Design Award, A’ Design Award and Competition and CES Innovation Award. the New York TimesCNET, Digital Trends, Forbes, Tom’s Guide, Newsweek, Bob VillaPCWorld and other publications have rated it the best solar generator.

As of 2018, Jackery has sold over 1.5 million units worldwide and has a global footprint spanning from the United States to Europe, Japan and China.

SOURCE Jackery Inc.

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