Snows Motor Group tops online reputation rankings alongside Hyundai


Snows Motor Group emerged from Reputation’s Auto 2021 report to secure the top spot in UK auto retailer rankings by online reputation – with Hyundai as the leading automaker.

As AM prepares to welcome his Webinar “General Manager’s Guide to… Building Your Dealership’s Reputation” – in partnership with the consumer experience, feedback and reviews specialist – the Southampton-based company AM100 distribution group proven its ability to maintain a solid reputation with its customers.

Each year, Reputation correlates data related to a wide range of customer service metrics, including online review scores, search impressions, social engagement, and review responses to assign a “score of”. reputation ”to over 1,000 auto retailers and brands.

The 2021 Automotive Reputation Report analyzed five million customer-generated reviews and reviews in 2021.

He found that 41% of retail car customers read at least five reviews before going to a dealership and 64% said they would drive more than 20 miles to a top-notch dealership.

Snows – presented by AM last year – topped this year’s Dealer Group results with a score of 751, finishing ahead of Vantage (746), RRG (722), JCT600 (711) and Listers (699) in a team of 35 people. franchised distribution groups.

Managing Director of Snows Motor Group, Stephen SnowThe group also achieved the biggest improvement of any retailer – dropping from 26th place in 2020 to number one this year – as Vantage and RRG Group also performed well, remaining in the top three for the second year in a row.

Hyundai topped the OEM rankings for the UK with a score of 715, placing it ahead of Kia (686), Toyota (671), Renault (660) and Lexus (658).

Alfa Romeo had the lowest reputation score at 498.

Reputation data showed that while Hyundai had the highest sentiment score (83%), Audi had the highest visibility score (65%) and Toyota had the highest engagement score (94% ).

Renault made the biggest improvement with an increase of 106 points, which took it from 22nd place last year to fourth this time around.

Hyundai Motor UK Managing Director Ashley AndrewHyundai Motor UK Managing Director Ashley Andrew said: “We are delighted to see the Hyundai brand perform so strongly in the 2021 Automotive Reputation Report, demonstrating the hard work of our dealers to deliver a top notch customer experience.

“Hyundai dealers recognize the role that the presence of online reviews can play in generating a positive customer experience and we continue to focus on delivering the best experience across our network. “

Commenting on Renault’s improvement in the Reputation Auto Report, Verity Mercer, Head of Customer Experience and Quality at Groupe Renault UK, said: “We are delighted to have achieved the strongest growth of any other brand. automobiles in the past 12 months.

“This is a testament to the excellent work done by the team within Renault UK Customer Experience combined with the fantastic levels of engagement seen across our dealer network. Our retailers quickly recognized the role that having an online review presence and good list management can play in generating a positive customer experience.

“The management of e-reputation will remain at the heart of our customer excellence plans for the Renault, Dacia and Alpine brands in 2022.”

To read the full automatic reputation report, Click here.

At 2 p.m. tomorrow (October 19), auto retailers will hear how reputation proves “the difference between success and failure” during a period rocked by vehicle shortages in a market supported by strong demand for cars. consumers.

Dominic Gouldsborough, Sales Director of Waylands Automotive, Robin Luscombe, Managing Director of Luscombe Motors, David Boyd, Director of Roadside Garages, and David Bilsborough, Founding Member of IMDA, Owner of Cheshire Cars, will provide information on the best way develop and maintain strong relationships in our latest CEO Guide webinar.

Reputation Automotive EMEA Director Andy Wand will also be on hand to provide advice in the free 45-minute webinar, hosted by AM News and Features Editor Tom Sharpe.

“Reputation is absolutely everything,” independent retailer Bilsborough told AM. “Right now that could mean the difference between success and failure. “

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