Smart50 Retail Champion Award Winner: Hero Packaging

Smart50 Retail Champion Award Winner

Hero PackThe disruption to the traditional B2B packaging industry earned the company the Smart50 Retail Champion Award.

Co-founders Anaita Sarkar and Vik Davé were running their custom fashion accessories business when they realized there was a missing link in the supply chain: sustainable packaging.

“We ship 80 to 100 orders a day, mostly in plastic shipping envelopes,” Sarkar said. “Seeing our two daughters surrounded by a mountain of plastic as we had them to work with us during the school holidays was a real wake-up call to the incredible waste of e-commerce.”

After researching the potential for eco-friendly alternatives, the co-founders began creating compostable shipping envelopes made from renewable and certified ingredients. The couple knew nothing about the industry or manufacturing techniques, but they were determined to enter a highly competitive market with plastic-free options.

With such a clear vision in the current climate, success was assured — Hero Pack has helped over 40,000 like-minded businesses around the world adopt a more sustainable e-commerce model by reducing the collective impact on the planet, one compostable shipper at a time.

“Using a completely different approach to B2B marketing, we’ve grown in popularity and nearly doubled our sales every fiscal year since launch,” Sarkar said.

With Hero Packaging founded on the principle of sustainability, it has become an example of how businesses can lead the charge in providing eco-friendly alternatives, regardless of industry.

The team also required that 20% of their profits be donated to charity or non-profit organizations each year. This ensures that companies who choose Hero Packaging’s compostable packaging are not only saving our planet from harmful plastic, but also supporting worthwhile social and environmental causes.

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