SkrinStore Unveils Creative Transparent Overlays to Help B2B and B2C Businesses Boost Marketing Efforts


Large company SkrinStore has released its latest best-selling transparent overlays that B2B and B2C marketers can add to their videos to get more subscribers and views while increasing engagement on their digital and social channels.

The leading company in Romania, SkrinStore, has unveiled its latest set of high-quality overlay templates that are sure to help B2B and B2C marketers increase their video production.

“We help B2B and B2C marketers help their platforms stand out and gain more followers with our high-quality, easy-to-use HD animated overlays. B2B marketers can use informational advertisements and promotional content focused on the “what” and “why” of business processes. B2C companies like content creators, on the other hand, can step up their social media game through streamers, ”a company representative said in a statement.

For example, digital marketing agencies can use video marketing ads to promote and educate people about their product or service. Video marketing ads educate a target audience and help drive engagement across digital and social channels.

SkrinStore’s TikTok Follow overlay takes production quality to the next level and helps digital marketing agencies and content creators get more subscribers. SkrinStore videos are high quality, pre-rendered animations with no watermark or any other distractions.

“Content creators don’t need to buy expensive software that costs $ 30 / month or more or try to create animation from scratch. We’ve prepared it for them as a pre-rendered video file (.MOV / .MP4), so all they have to do is drop it into their next video, ”explains the rep.

The overlay has a transparent background and superior animation delivered as a .mov and .mp4 file (green screen). Content creators can easily drag and drop into their preferred supported video editor.

Customers can choose from a wide range of options in the Shop section of SkrinStore, including Boards, Bundles, Tracking, HTML5 Banners, Projects, Promotions, Social Media, and Membership.

Those looking for an easy way to share their Snapchat profile with their fans can look to a custom Snapchat video overlay. On the other hand, influencers who want more followers can check out SkrinStore’s high-quality and easy-to-use Instagram Follow animation.

B2B and B2C marketers, on the other hand, can ensure that those who watch their videos are subscribed to their channels by providing them with easy drag-and-drop subscription banner access.

After ordering, customers will receive an email with their files. They can unzip their order right after and drag and drop the animation into their editing software.

Windows users need to download VLC or QuickTime to preview files (.mov). However, some versions of macOS cannot preview (.mov) files. VLC player is a great free alternative, or drag and drop the downloaded animation into the editing software to preview it. Those who use mobile devices only need an editing app on their device that supports Chroma Keying, which is a feature that removes the background from a video.

SkrinStore’s latest video campaigns include an HD animated video from ING Tech, which can be used as a social media video or as an HTML5 banner ad, and a set of custom HD animations for KofiTi episodes “Prietenii KofiTi”. The set of graphics and animations consists of three different types: Intro, Guest and Question for the “Prietenii KofiTi” episodes.

Those looking to step up their content creation game with custom overlays or video ads can visit the SkrinStore website to get started. Customers can also view SkrinStore’s impressive video campaigns on the website.

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