Samsung downloads Galaxy S21 FE support pages again



Looks like someone from another phone company sneaked in just to ruin Samsung, as there is no other explanation for these stupid moves.

I understand they are all profit driven and won’t make their phones very cheap, but there should be some balance.

All over social media people are writing their annoyance over Samsung’s feature removal BUT they close their eyes and keep doing what they want even though their sales get worse with each release. They would have to seriously cut promotion costs, which would lower the price of the phone. You can promote it the most aggressively, but if the product is bad it can hit back hard.

That being said, this phone shouldn’t be released and they should move to the s22 line.


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I wonder what they can even get cheap on this since the normal S21 is already plastic … Worst sensors, worse battery, worse display or worse chipset? It’s not really much to reduce and differentiate the S21FE from the regular S21 without making it totally crappy and still overpriced …


Which model ends with E mean?


Violet looks amazing


YUKI93, 4 hours agoWith the rumored launch of the Galaxy S22 series with the Exynos 2200 or Snapdragon 898 chipset, … moreThe 5G Fe launch in the UK for £ 700 I believe. I can see Sammy dropping the price of the S21 Fe to around £ 600. Nothing more than imo, it’s DOA, because you can get the Vanilla Pixel 6 for £ 600


With the rumor that the Galaxy S22 series will launch with the Exynos 2200 or Snapdragon 898 chipset, Samsung is expected to sell the S21 FE for no more than $ 600, as the vanilla S21 starts at $ 799 brand new and the used vanilla S21. can be found for as little as $ 500 (at least in my country).


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The FE mystery continues


S21 FE in February, so I’m really curious about when the S22 will arrive. In August, instead of the Note? I hope not, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out like this.


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Samsung has been laughing at them lately
Fun unwrapped event showing colors after pixel 6 pro and M1 max big announcement
And now redownload the S21 fe pages
Funniest company I have ever seen


I have the S21 …. the FE has a bigger screen and a bigger battery it seems. It looks like an upgrade.


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A52s, s20 fe 5g selling for almost the same price in India

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