Reviews | New York Times interview with Sean Maloney

But listen, when you represent a district that voted for Donald Trump, like me, you take seriously trying to listen to people’s priorities. And a lot of them are pretty non-partisan, when it comes to infrastructure, or agriculture issues, or veterans issues, clean water, PFAS contaminationthe kind of stuff I spent a lot of time working on.

I mean, if you look at one of my proudest accomplishments in Congress, which is banning oil barge anchorages between Kingston and Yonkers, which I wrote into the Coast Guard Reauthorization Bill as chair of the subcommittee, it was entirely bipartisan. I mean, it was something that, at the local level, was extremely important for Republican county executives, for Republican state senators, for Republican city supervisors.

So there is always work to be done, certainly at the voter level. We’ve helped 11,000 people, like we do 1,100+ people, one at a time, in the district office every year – it’s not going to stop because Kevin McCarthy has the hammer. So yes, I will continue to work.

But I don’t want our country to go through that. Because I asked Kevin McCarthy that, literally – what are you going to do? If you get control, what can you do? Remember they will need a large majority to do anything because they cannot do what Nancy Pelosi did, which is to pass 700 bills with three votes to to lose. They will need 30, 40 votes to spare, because of the nature of their caucus.

And he looked at me and I said, what substantive thing are you going to get across? And he said, whatever – and he smiled, it’s going to be two years of Hunter Biden – that’s what we’re going to do.

Mara Gay: Congressman, inflation is obviously hitting Americans very hard, especially in New York, where the cost of housing is extraordinarily high and rising. What would you do, if re-elected, in this district to ease this burden for the residents of New York?

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