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Reading time: 2 minutes, the world’s most advanced in-game advertising platform, has announced a new partnership with Socialpoint, a wholly-owned mobile game development studio that is part of Take-Two Interactive’s Zynga label, which will allow advertisers to run ads in the popular city builder and strategy game Dragon City.

The partnership will see Anzu’s non-intrusive intrinsic ad placements integrated into Dragon City, appearing on 3D objects throughout the game to preserve user experience while enhancing gameplay. Advertisers working with Anzu can run their display and video ads in the iOS, Android and PC versions of Dragon City to reach hundreds of thousands of highly engaged gamers around the world.

Dragon City is home to over 1600 dragons to collect, each beautifully crafted with their own unique personality, skills, and rarity. Players can breed, grow, and upgrade their dragons while sending them into epic battles online. In its most recent and exciting update, the game has partnered with AMC Networks to bring The Walking Dead experiences to the game. Anzu now enables advertisers to reach Dragon City players in all geographies, with a particular focus on the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada and Australia.

“Dragon City is a renowned title with rich and engaging content that keeps players coming back every day, and Anzu’s ad placements allow advertisers to tap into this diverse and highly engaged audience in a non-intrusive way. The game has a Huge success, and it was great to work with Socialpoint to help them establish their in-game ad monetization strategy, which benefits their studio, gamers and advertisers,” Lev Kommisarchik, VP of Mobile Games and publisher services at Anzu, said.

“We are excited to see how Anzu’s breakthrough technology will help us create a new revenue stream. We also look forward to welcoming some of the world’s biggest brands to Dragon City, further enhancing the gaming experience for our players around the world,” said Noemie Kerlidou, Senior Product Ads Monetization Manager at Socialpoint.

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