Poundland will start selling fresh meat and fish for just £1

SHOPPERS at budget retailer Poundland will now be able to get their hands on fresh meat and fish.

Poundland will begin selling the new product line this week.


The retailer has partnered with DTS food to launch its first range of meat and fish lines

The new 11-item range, branded “cookit”, will roll out to hundreds of low-cost stores over the next three weeks.

Customers can grab a packet of bacon for £1 and a single sirloin steak for £3.50.

The new items will make Poundland an alternative supplier of meat and fish to supermarkets and butchers.

The move complements Poundland’s recent expansion into chilled and frozen foods which will be in around 350 stores by the fall.

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Fresh fruit and vegetables can already be picked up at over 60 Poundland stores.

Poundland’s commercial director, Tim Bettley, said: “Whether it’s clothing, frozen food or household items, over the past few years we have significantly expanded what we offer our customers to that they can find plenty more of their weekly shop in their local Poundland.

“At the heart of this transformation is great produce and we know customers will love our new range of ready meals – it gives them quality meat and fish at the incredible value we are famous for.”

Nick Preston, CEO of Nottingham-based DTS Food, the power behind Cookit, said: “We are already looking at expanding the Cookit range beyond this initial meat and seafood range.”

Poundland has already come under fire from customers after temporarily whipping up 200g of rump steak for £2.50 in select stores earlier this year.

However, customers claimed that the steaks did not taste good.

One person wrote online: “Horrible, like shoe leather, but to be honest, it’s really hard to buy a decent steak these days.”

Another said: “Absolutely awful… like leather.

A third even said, “Don’t put that in your body, please. If you want a steak, invest a little more in it. That’s not it.”

You might get more for less at other retailers

Poundland sells 150g of bacon strips for £1, but that’s the case in Iceland. However, the prices of bacon in stores are lower than the prices offered by Aldi and Lidl.

You can get six pork sausages for £1.75 from Poundland. However, you can get eight pork sausages for £1.49 at Aldi right now, while Iceland sells the same amount for £1.

However, Poundland’s £3 rump steak is a bargain if you want to compare the price with other supermarkets.

Poundland’s £3 charge for 350g of minced beef is steep and you can pack 500g of the same for £1.75 at Aldi.

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The two cod fillets from the pound are also overpriced compared to Lidl’s range.

Although the prices may seem low, it’s always good to compare with other supermarkets’ product ranges to make sure you’re not being duped by swanky marketing.

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