Nourish Food Marketing’s 2022 Halal Study Shows Growth of Online Grocery and DTC Services Among Halal Consumers in Canada

TORONTO, March 22, 2022 /CNW/

Nourish Food Marketing, Canada’s only full-service marketing agency specializing in food, beverage and agriculture, recently concluded its latest Halal consumer research. With over 1,000 participants across Canada, Nourish is conducting the study to better understand Canadian Halal Grocery – the Muslim individuals and families who regularly purchase Halal food.

The 2022 edition focused on tracking changes in consumer behavior due to COVID within the Canadian Muslim community.

“The immediate indicator for us when reviewing the results of this year’s Halal Shopper Study was the highlighted opportunity for online grocery shopping,” said Salima Jivraj, Head of Nourish Multicultural and Account Manager at Nourish Food Marketing. “With such growth in platforms and interest from this group of shoppers, it is important that halal brands are represented on retailers’ e-commerce platforms.”

Seventy-two percent of respondents said they shop online, compared to only around 53% of the general population when asked the same question. This difference in shopper behavior shows a gap that retailers can take advantage of to better serve the halal shopper.

With limited retail space, grocery stores and manufacturers can leverage the benefits of direct-to-consumer and online shopping channels to get their halal products to these eager consumers faster.

Fifty percent of respondents rated the companies as “good” or “very good” when asked if large food companies meet their needs for halal products. This figure is up from 32% in 2019 and is the highest recorded since 2014. While this is a significant step in the right direction, it does imply that there is still room for improvement and not all buyers feel their needs are being met.

“Due to the rise of COVID-19 over the past two years, it is clear that social media has become a primary source for consumers to learn about new halal products,” said Jo-Ann McArthur, President of Nourish Food Marketing. “Television has also been a source of entertainment and knowledge because of the time people have spent at home during the pandemic.”

The Halal Shopper Study has been used as a tool by many of Nourish Food Marketing’s food and beverage clients. The study offers key insights into specific segments such as regional grocery store preferences, halal brand preference, and which certification body consumers turn to to verify their halal products.

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To access this year’s Nourish Halal study, please contact Salima Jivraj directly: This email address is protected from spam. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About Nourish Food Marketing: Nourish Food Marketing is Canada’s only full-service marketing agency working exclusively with clients in the food and beverage industry, with offices in Toronto, Montreal and Guelph.

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