New report shows engaging interactive experiences are an antidote to digital fatigue

Total number of digital experiences grew 136% over the past two years, while audience engagement hit an all-time high in 2021

SAN FRANCISCO & LONDON, February 08, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As digital fatigue increases with video chat and online meeting apps, new data in ON24’s (NYSE:ONTF) State of Digital Experiences 2022 report reveals that This fatigue does not apply to digital experiences such as webinars, curated content, and personalized experiences.

Over the past two years, B2B marketers have increased the total number of digital experiences by 136% to accelerate their digital-first strategies. Despite more experience, the audience shows no signs of fatigue. Engagement metrics such as duration of participation and interactions were again higher last year, with engagement of calls to action (CTAs) on personalized targeted experiences seeing the most increase. spectacular – + 3,106% in 2021.

“Traffic and audience engagement in digital experiences surpassed 2020 and reached an all-time high last year, despite growing discussions about digital fatigue,” said Cheri Hulse, vice president of strategy and research at ON24. “It’s encouraging for B2B marketers, signaling that not all digital channels are created equal and engaging digital experiences are the antidote to this fatigue.”

Webinars continue to drive audience engagement and leads

Audience engagement in digital experiences continues to grow. Marketers are using more engagement tools and continuing to align experiences — and CTAs within those experiences — to meet prospects and customers where they are in their buying journey.

Average webinar attendance time increased by 8% last year, from nearly 49 minutes to nearly 53 minutes. Attendee engagement with tools like polls, content, and surveys grew 31% in 2021. CTAs taken at the end of webinars also increased, as “Book a Meeting” increased 1,028% , a damning indication that audiences are increasingly taking action on engaging experiences. . For sales and marketing, data shows that webinars remain one of the most important lead generation activities.

Conversion Rates Reveal Opportunity to Change Promotional Strategies

Conversion from registration to live and on-demand webinar attendance saw a slight drop of just over 4 percentage points last year. In 2019, before the pandemic, 43% of registrations took place the day and week before the event, while in 2021 this figure rose to 66%.

This trend indicates an opportunity for marketers to better understand the registration cycle and modify their promotional strategies to accommodate a shortened registration window. Tactics used for physical in-person experiences, including stopping promotion the week of the event, do not apply in the digital world. Marketers should continue to promote their digital experiences throughout the day of the event to increase conversion.

Curated content and personalized experiences show strong growth and conversion

The popularity of curated content experiences continues to grow, with the total number of experiences increasing by nearly 31% since 2020. As marketers share more content and find ways to reuse it in new experiences, they drive audience engagement before an event and increase the likelihood that someone will attend. a digital experience. Conversion rates for curated content experiences increased 15% year-over-year.

Marketers are also increasingly using personalized experiences to engage their target audiences. The rate of active audience engagement in targeted experiences and attendee conversion was over 18 percentage points higher in 2021. This indicates an emerging trend around personalized experiences, which can also be an effective way to reduce issues digital fatigue.

The State of Digital Experiences 2022 Report reviews quarterly and annual trends for digital experiences in 2021. The report examines the overall digital experiences landscape based on customer usage of ON24 webinars, curated content and personalized experiences. To download the full report, visit

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