More Items Over $ 1 For Sale At Dollar Tree


The retail chain long known for its affordable products priced at around $ 1 will start selling more products above that price, Dollar Tree said Tuesday.

The store chain, which has nearly 8,000 stores, has already sold items at some of its locations for more than $ 1. As of 2019, some of its stores had an area of ​​their space called Dollar Tree Plus that sold items at $ 3 and $ 5, the Wall Street Journal reported. Dollar Tree has indicated in its announcement that it is taking the step following the success of its Dollar Tree Plus format and the positive response from customers.

“For decades our customers have enjoyed the ‘thrill of the hunt’ for a dollar – and we remain committed to this basic proposition – but many tell us they also want a wider product assortment when they’re coming to store, ”Dollar Tree CEO Michael Witynski said in a statement on Tuesday.

“We believe that testing additional prices above $ 1 for the Dollar Tree product will allow us over time to expand our assortments, introduce new products and meet more of our customers’ daily needs,” he continued.

According to the Journal, the retail chain will begin selling some of its products at $ 1.25 and $ 1.50. In an interview with the newspaper, Witynski said the move comes amid rising transportation costs, supply chain and wages. The general manager told the outlet that rising costs for some of its items could allow customers to purchase new items that the retail chain introduces such as seasonal items or frozen meat.

All stores that have a Dollar Tree Plus section will sell more items above $ 1; the higher price will also be used in some of its older stores, the company said in its announcement on Tuesday.

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