MMB Cyber ​​​​​​School organizes a digital awareness session

Participants with the MMB Cyber ​​​​School team after the session in New Jalukie on August 6th.

Our correspondent
Kohima, August 6 (EMN): In a bid to help aspiring entrepreneurs, MMB Cyber ​​School, a Kohima-based non-profit organization, held a Digital Awareness and Business Planning Day in New Jalukie on August 6.

MMB Cyber ​​School General Manager Namang T Chang emphasized in his speech the importance of nurturing one’s interest and gaining knowledge by doing research through various means, including digital platforms.

“If you have a business idea, plan well and research it because research does not require formal training; he said and told attendees to make good use of their smart phones.

To start any business, it must follow a structured strategy that includes many steps and the first is the “ideation phase”, which is followed by planning, selection and market research, Chang said.

He said feedback is an important tool, especially for online marketing, and also dwelt on branding, digital marketing and market research.

“Digital awareness is being created with a vision to bring the best of the internet and how to use a phone or a computer and browse topics on the internet,” he informed.

The MMB Cyber ​​​​School is a non-profit institute for digital and technology education with a series of programs designed specifically for rural and indigenous citizens to strengthen their digital literacy and cybersecurity awareness.

The “unconventional free” school aims to equip, empower and support students, entrepreneurs, farmers and social workers for social and communication development through digital media platforms and technology literacy, a informed Chang.

Depending on the needs of the audience, the session is delineated into several sessions including digital awareness, logo and graphic design, anti-cyberbullying, cybersecurity, social media marketing, organic marketing, packaging and product labeling, techno business sessions, technology importance and technology-specific classes.

The session was self-funded (by MMB Cyber ​​School) and led by a group of young people including CEO Namang T Chang, Finance Manager Nolazonu Kirha, Project Manager Imtisenla Jamir, Operations Manager Happyson Pou and others. The group had already conducted a few sessions in rural areas. Meanwhile, Haigielang Development Society, New Jalukie mobilized participants on Saturday.

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