Measuring the performance of B2B content marketing



B2B content marketing helps grow your audience, grow your brand, drive sales and increase awareness.

How To Do B2B Content Marketing Well

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Content marketing remains one of the most powerful and profitable ways to generate B2B leads. Here are 10 ways to do B2B marketing well:

  1. Set goals
  2. Identify your ideal audience
  3. Create buyer personas
  4. Run a content audit to identify gaps
  5. Brainstorm content ideas
  6. Use keywords, search intents, and topic groups in your content strategy
  7. Develop new content ideas consistently
  8. Choose the right types of content.
  9. Audition your content using social validation

How to promote your B2B content

To obtain data to answer this question, KoMarketing Associates has partnered with research firm Ascend[2] to conduct the content marketing performance measurement survey. 193 B2B marketing professionals participated in the global survey.

The most important metrics in content marketing are conversion rate and traffic. About half of B2B marketers agree that conversion rate (50%) and website traffic (46%) are among the most important metrics to consider when measuring the overall performance of a marketing strategy. content marketing.

Over 50% Use 3 or more marketing technology tools to measure content marketing.

Two-thirds (66%) of marketers operating in the B2B channel find it difficult to measure the performance of a content marketing strategy compared to only one-third (34%) who find it moderately or extremely easy.

57% describe this difficulty as moderate while 25% of respondents say it is moderately easy to assess the effectiveness of content marketing.

Content marketing generally involves using a wide range of channels as part of an overall marketing strategy.

Creating great content is only one piece of the puzzle.

It is important to consider your main challenges and then create a strategic plan to overcome those challenges. Having a predetermined set of metrics that everyone agrees on (marketing and sales) and reviewing your marketing technology stack are all part of the strategic planning process.

Tips for Measuring and Improving B2B Content Marketing Performance

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80% of B2B organizations use metrics to measure the performance of their content. However, only 65% ​​establish KPIs to help them measure content initiatives.

So what steps should you follow?

Here are 9 tips to improve your B2B content marketing performance:

  • Use long content to attract more people
  • Analyze the traffic arriving on your site
  • Understanding the behavior of repeat visitors
  • Evaluate social shares and engagement
  • Focus on the number of conversions generated and the conversion sources
  • Listen to your audience through their engagement
  • Study the number of leads generated
  • Optimize your click-through rate and the length of the sales cycle
  • Reduce the cost per lead


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