Marubeni and Fujiya set up joint venture as confectionery distributor in Vietnam

Fujiya Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “Fujiya‘) and Marubeni Company (hereinafter, “Marubeni“) have agreed to establish a joint venture for the purpose of importing and distributing snacks and confectionery, primarily under the Fujiya brands, in Vietnam.

Fujiya and Marubeni (hereinafter, the “Parties”) will launch this joint venture selling imported snacks and confectionery in 2022, while also marketing and promoting local sales in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, in view of population growth and improved conditions for economic development, people’s incomes have increased, leading to increased spending on non-essential items such as snacks and confectionery. This market is growing, especially the sweet cookies and biscuits category which constitutes the largest part of the market and is expected to continue growing.

Fujiya is one of the largest manufacturers of snacks and confectionery Japan, with top-selling items in the sweet cookie category such as “Country Ma’am Cookies”. In addition, Marubeni owns and operates snack and confectionery wholesalers in Japanand manufacturers of packaged foods in Vietnam. By combining the two, the products and reputation of Fujiya and sales and marketing knowledge of Marubenithe Parties decided to enter into the Vietnam the snacks and confectionery market through this joint venture.

During the initial phase, the parties will focus on trial marketing and studying the Vietnamese market through trial sales of imported products. Japan manufactured products. The parties will endeavor to develop the activity in Vietnam not only increasing the number of branded products, but also manufacturing domestically in the near future.

(C) 2022 electronic news edition, source ENP Newswire

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