LiteNordic new Elation distributor for Sweden, Norway and Denmark

LiteNordic new Elation distributor for Sweden, Norway and Denmark

Scandinavia – Elation Professional announced that LiteNordic, Scandinavia’s leading dynamic lighting distributor, will resume distribution of Elation Professional and Obsidian Control Systems products in Sweden, Norway and Denmark effective September 15, 2022.

LiteNordic is Scandinavia’s leading entertainment lighting supplier with an outstanding reputation for quality and service. The company maintains exceptional local representation in each country with a proven customer partnership strategy that works and a qualified staff with years of industry experience. The company’s pan-Nordic approach and alignment across borders provides a host of cooperative benefits and efficiencies, resulting in a higher overall level of customer service.

“This is another great step forward for Elation and we are extremely pleased to have LiteNordic represent Elation and Obsidian in this important growth region,” said Frederik Afif, Elation’s international sales manager and the company’s Scandinavian representative. . “LiteNordic has the qualified personnel to cover Elation’s wide product range, as well as the ability and ability to handle the growth in demand for our products, both on the lighting and control side. . It’s about expanding the possibilities for the customer and meeting their needs. LiteNordic’s reach and customer service are unmatched. We are delighted to team up with them. »

LiteNordic has been a distributor of lighting products since 2018 with a team of industry veterans dating back many years. On the lighting control side, LiteNordic staff’s years of experience with former Martin M-Series, now Obsidian Control Systems, opens up many opportunities and continued success with the platform.

Espen Bechmann, Sales Director of LiteNordic, said, “We are delighted to have Elation on board and are confident that the Elation and Obsidian brands will be a great addition to our portfolio. Elation’s extensive product line allows us to expand our portfolio and offer our customers a one-stop-shop for dynamic lighting and control. The complementary strategy is a real win-win and we are confident that this partnership will grow our business significantly.

Both LiteNordic and Elation maintain a market approach where customers are partners and colleagues are treated more like family. “We love the family aspect we feel with Elation,” continues Espen. “It’s a personal approach where there’s also an element of fun doing business, and that fits our own style well. We really take care of our customers and that fits Elation’s spirit of customer service.

Elation’s Director of International Sales, Jonas Stenvinkel, a veteran of the Scandinavian market and the global lighting market, also helped shape the new relationship with LiteNordic. He has had a relationship with LiteNordic staff that dates back many years and his familiarity with LiteNordic and his experience and connections in the area will greatly benefit the partnership. “LiteNordic has hired the best and most experienced people in our industry in every country and their reputation is outstanding,” he says. “Partnering with them represents a great opportunity for us in a growing and mature market and will be a key step in expanding the Elation brand in the region.”

The distribution agreement with LiteNordic supersedes all other Elation distribution agreements in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Elation has worked transparently with its distributors and thanks them for their dedication and promotion of the Elation brand in the region.

Pictured: Johan Colmeus, Frederik Afif and Espen Bechmann.

September 13, 2022

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