Latest Updates on R&D Activities at KING SKYFRONT, Japan

KAWASAKI, Japan, March 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Latest news from institutes affiliated with Kawasaki INnovation ggateway to SKYFRONT (KING SKYFRONT) with the launch of the new Tonomachi Business Incubator and the opening of the Tamagawa Sky Bridge allowing easy and quick access between Haneda Airport and KING SKYFRONT.



Kawasaki Industrial Promotion Institute, TONOMACHI LifeScience Cluster Division

Start a business incubator

King Skyfront is located on the opposite bank of Haneda Airport, across the Tama River, and is an international strategic area with excellent domestic and international transportation links. In and around King Skyfront, the concentration of research and development institutions such as universities and enterprises is increasing due to the efforts of the government of Kawasaki Town. This trend reflects King Skyfront’s valuable role as an open innovation center for building new industries based on the world’s highest level of life science research and development.

The Kawasaki Industrial Promotion Institute (KIIP) decided to launch a business incubator from April 2022 for the development of an innovation ecosystem in the region and the continued creation of new world-class industries. KIIP will establish labs for start-ups in the “Innovation Center for Nanomedicine (iCONM)” operated by KIIP.

In addition to R&D support, the KIIP will offer start-ups numerous supports for the development of their activity and the expansion of their networks. For business support, KIIP will provide business mentorship and business planning support by experts active in the life sciences, introduce legal/regulatory/accounting experts, and for networking support , will collaborate with foreign ecosystems United States and Europe. KIIP will organize matching/presentation events and management seminars as points of contact with foreign investors and the pharmaceutical industry.

Contact Details

Nanomedicine Innovation Center (iCONM)
25-03-14 Tono-machi, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki city, Kanagawa Prefecture,
Postcode: 210-0821
Tel: 044-280-1121 (from April 2022) or 044-589-4780
E-mail:[email protected]

Access by train
Take the Keikyu Daishi Line from Keikyu Kawasaki Station to Kojima Shinden Station (10 minutes). Walk 15 minutes. to iCONM.

For more details, please refer to the website

Lab specifications and vacancy information will be updated from April 1st 2022.

Opening of the Tamagawa Skybridge

The Tamagawa Sky Bridge was officially opened on March 12, 2022. The downstream side of the Tama River runs along the prefectural border between Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture, and Haneda Airport (Ota district, Tokyo), which can be considered the gateway to the world, and KING SKYFRONT (KawasakiKanagawa Prefecture), which aims to become one of the most advanced life science hubs in the world) is located on both sides. Using the 675-meter bridge, it is now possible to walk between the two areas in approximately 15 minutes, greatly improving mobility and convenience. The bridge is expected to improve the exchange of people, goods, information and businesses, and will greatly contribute to the strengthening of from Japan international connectivity and the sustainable development of its economy.

The opening was commemorated by a symposium organized by Kawasaki Town, Kawasaki

Industrial Promotion Institute, Ota City and Ota City Industrial Promotion Organization. Experts and business people active in both fields discussed the attractiveness of the zones and the possibility of developing as one of the most advanced business areas in the world, and deepened their understanding during ‘a round table. In addition, messages of congratulations were received from abroad (Embassy of SwitzerlandBIO-M, etc.), giving the symposium a rich international flavor.


The Kawasaki INnovation Gateway (KING) SKYFRONT is the flagship science and technology innovation center of Kawasaki Town. KING SKYFRONT is a 40-hectare area located in the Tonomachi area of ​​the Keihin Industrial Region which extends Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture and Tokyo International Airport (also often called Haneda Airport).

KING SKYFRONT was launched in 2011 as a foundation for academics, industry, and government administrators to work together to design practical solutions to global issues in life sciences and the environment.

More information

KING-SKYFRONT iNewsletter Publishing Team
TONOMACHI LifeScience Cluster Division, Kawasaki Institute of Industrial Promotion Life Science & Environment research center (LiSE) 1F,
03/25/10, Tonomachi, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-Shi,
Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan210-0821
E-mail: [email protected]

Kawasaki Industrial Promotion Institute (KIIP)

The Kawasaki Industrial Promotion Institute was established in 1988, 100% funded by Kawasaki City to cope with industry exhaustion and changing demand structure. In order to achieve a higher level of market development, transform R&D-type enterprises, form technological capabilities to support it, develop human resources, understand market needs, etc., using the functions of the KawasakiKIIP has contributed to revitalizing the local economy by promoting local industry information exchange, advancing technology and business exchanges with the establishment of R&D institutions, developing creative human resources through the through workshops and promoting businesses such as expanding sales channels through exhibitions.


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