Kroger launches private marketplace for brands


Kroger Precision Marketing (KPM) has launched a private programmatic advertising marketplace for consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands and merchants, Supermarket News reported on Wednesday (October 20th).

It is called Kroger Private Marketplace and will allow CPG brands and ad agencies to reach buyers by applying audience data to campaigns from different ad buying platforms, according to the report. It is powered by Kroger’s 84.51 ° data analysis arm.

Advertisers will be able to tailor their audiences to match campaign goals with the science of targeting. This will come from the new private market, which “pre-optimizes” audiences to meet business goals, the report says.

Kroger’s private marketplace will also provide advertisers with access to targeting solutions and audience science, allowing advertisers to target only the most relevant households, according to the report. Retail performance metrics such as increased sales, buyers, and household penetration, as well as quality checks such as brand security verification and labeling, will also be available.

KPM also said the market has protected consumer data with a “transaction ID” that enables appropriate programmatic use, giving CPG marketers more flexible ways to deal with various platforms, the report says.

The overall goal is to offer more control to advertisers, allowing them to connect with the consumers most relevant to their goals and to use the digital service provider of their choice. From there, they are able to optimize performance against retail sales, according to the report.

“We built The Kroger Private Marketplace to be flexible for agencies while protecting the privacy of our buyers,” said Cara Pratt, 84.51 ° senior vice president of Kroger Precision Marketing, in a statement, according to the report. “You design the audience, choose the measurement criteria, define the security standards and activate your technology stack. We are setting the bar for the future of programmatic media.

Earlier this month, Kroger announced it would expand into the Northeast market, opening customer processing centers (CFCs) and improving its fast online delivery. In addition, Kroger will also establish CFCs in Florida and California.

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