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The Houses For Sale Near Me™ real estate marketing technology platform seeks to connect the millions of consumers each month searching for the keywords “Homes For Sale Near Me” with real estate professionals by keeping it simple with just one form.

LOS ANGELES, May 11, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — HomesForSaleNearby.com™ is launching a new, technologically advanced marketing technology platform and consumer-facing website aimed at capturing a small percentage of the millions of monthly online searches for “homes for sale near me” keywords and connecting these consumers with real estate professionals, with as little hassle as possible. “One form, no hassle, and you’re connected to a real estate professional in your area,” according to the website.

According to google trendsthe keywords “Houses for sale near me” are searched on average 67% more than the keywords “Realtor”.

Google.com lists some of the top ranked websites for “homes for sale near me” keywords like Zillow.com®, real estate agent.com® and Redfin.com®, but HomesForSaleNearby.com™ seeks to differentiate itself from these websites by offering a simplified and simple and unique connection to local real estate professionalswithout having to search all the houses online.

Functionally speaking, the new HomesForSaleNearby.com™ follows the principle that “less is more” by simply providing a form for home buyers, home sellers and home renters to fill out, and through technology the website will connect the consumer to a real estate professional in the neighborhood or city where a consumer is looking to buy, sell or rent residential property.

According to HomesForSaleNearby.com™, “While there is certainly a need for more complex websites, the HomesForSaleNearby.com proposal is very simple. If you are looking to buy, sell or rent residential real estate, simply enter your details and the area in which you wish to explore residential real estate, and our technology will connect you directly with a real estate professional in that area. to help you with your needs.”

Strictly a marketing technology platform, and not a real estate agency or brokerage, the Homes for Sale Near Me™ website only connects residential buyers, sellers, renters and real estate professionals , without participating in any way in consumer advice or in the real estate transaction. Houses For Sale Near Me™ aims to focus on a technology proposition they call “Real Technology” to connect consumers with professionals, and leverages their strength in online marketing and the “simple is simple” philosophy. is better”.

For real estate professionals looking for potential buyers, tenants and prospects, Houses For Sale Near Me™ allows real estate professionals to register for territories by zip code, city or county. The unique proposition for real estate professionals is access to those same potential clients who want help in their search to buy, sell or rent residential real estate, and who are not interested in searching online or who are tired of spending hours looking at endless pictures of homes with no human connection.

According to the simple and no-frills landing page for interested parties, HomesForSaleNearby.com™ says, “Stop searching websites for endless real estate options; talk to a real human being and explain exactly what you’re looking for: price, location, interior design, amenities, etc.”

While millions of consumers will continue to spend hours looking for their dream home or simply looking at real estate photos, “HousesForSaleNearMe.com™ is for motivated home sellers, motivated home buyers and renters. of motivated homes who want to stop spending time on the internet and connect with a real estate professional who can help them with as little hassle as possible,” according to the website.

Residential real estate buyers, sellers, tenants and real estate professionals can explore whether simplicity is better than HousesForSaleNearMe.com™.

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