Field hockey student-athletes enjoy a wealth of internship experiences this summer

BETHLEHEM, Pa. — A number of Lehigh field hockey student-athletes have taken advantage of the summer months to complete internships and experiences related to their majors and career interests.

Learn all about them, below!

Sarah Bonthuis

Major at Lehigh: Marketing
Company: Nakatori BV
Title: Ecommerce, Digital Marketing, Consulting and Social Media Intern

In Sarah’s words:
Nakatori is a full-service digital agency and Shopify Amsterdam specialist. The company designs and builds exceptional e-commerce experiences on the Shopify Platform. During my internship, I worked on both the communication side and the practical side. From a marketing perspective, I looked at different numbers, statistics, and analyzed how certain products performed and why. I also worked on the creation of email marketing campaigns and on customer relations. I was also fully in charge of all their social media campaigns (Instagram and LinkedIn) and helped create videos for distribution on the platforms.

The second part was the advice part. For the consultancy part of the agency, I wrote different articles for the municipality of Amsterdam, Amersfoort and Utrecht on how to improve the cultural influences within the population. I wrote and designed plays that were distributed in the largest airline in the Netherlands.

And the most fun part! I was allowed to take my bosses bikes and cycle around Amsterdam picking up packages and exploring the city.

The internship was very diverse and my tasks changed on a daily basis. At times it made it hard for me to understand everything I was doing, but it definitely taught me how to manage time, work hard and meet deadlines. One of the main takeaways I have is that it’s okay to ask some questions. It makes you look engaged and it’s a great way to let your bosses know you’re working hard on your assignments.

Abbie Brown
Major at Lehigh: Biology
Company: St. Luke’s University Health Network
Title: Summer Pre-Medical Observer Program

In Abbie’s words:
In this program, I was able to observe doctors from five different specialties: emergency medicine, internal medicine, general surgery, pediatrics and orthopedics. The program lasted about six weeks, which allowed me to observe more than 70 hours in total. Being able to interact with different physicians as well as physician assistants, medical students, residents, nurses, etc. allowed me to ask questions and learn more about medicine than I could by searching online or in my classes. Due to COVID, it has been extremely difficult to find physician shadowing opportunities over the past couple of years, so I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to experience the pre-medical shadower program at St. Luke. This program allowed me to learn not only more about the path to becoming a doctor and the responsibilities of a doctor, but also about the many crucial roles in medicine. Interacting with medical students and residents has provided me with valuable knowledge and advice that I can use over the next two years as I begin the medical school application process.

Sophie Leighton
Major at Lehigh: Health, Medicine and Society
Company: WW/Weight Watchers
Title: Community Engagement Intern

Sophie Leighton Stage

In the words of Sophie:
As a Community Engagement Intern, my goal was to create new groups and programs around health and wellness to improve the community of WW members. I primarily used WW’s Connect platform, which is a social media platform aimed at helping members develop and maintain long-lasting healthy habits.

Through this experience, I learned to translate my teamwork skills into a professional environment, working closely with groups on multiple projects. I also developed an understanding of the components of a successful digital community and ways to drive healthy behavior change.

Anna Piecuch
Major at Lehigh: Journalism
Company: The Institute for Family Health, launched by the Noor Al Hussein Foundation.
Title: Intern

Anna Piecuch Internship

In Anna’s words:
IFH is Jordan’s first Women’s Health Counseling Center and Trauma Management Center. It has 26 branches in Syrian refugee camps and host communities regionally. My responsibilities at IFH were to oversee individual counseling sessions, research the mental health needs of refugees as well as the implementation of mental health services and assist staff in the clinic’s psychosocial unit .

I learned about the most important clinical disorders faced by Syrian refugees and how they are treated by professional counselors in Jordan. I visited Za’-Atari refugee camp, the largest Syrian refugee camp in Jordan, and spoke to psychologists about treatments for refugees’ mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression, OCD and PTSD. I also learned how refugee communities in Jordan are increasingly aware of mental health services and family planning methods.

During my internship at IFH, refugee women from areas such as Yemen, Syria and South Sudan receive counseling in Amman. The clinic’s psychologists use discussion and behavioral therapy to change habits and help patients cognitively reframe their view of a situation, so they can use mental strategies to lead healthier lives.

MJ Schwab
Major at Lehigh: Biology
Company: Lehigh University Department of Biological Sciences
Title: Undergraduate researcher

In the words of MJ:
This summer, I was able to work on the Lehigh campus doing research under the guidance of a professor to pursue my future career in medicine. I am currently studying specific human birth defects that impair brain, heart, and limb development in babies. I use the yeast model organism to understand the pathways and genes that affect these diseases that develop in the womb.

This opportunity allowed me to learn about lab techniques and understand more deeply the reasoning behind specific lab procedures. It also validated my interests in science and the importance of pursuing my career as a healthcare professional.

Cécé Slaughter
Major at Lehigh: Philosophy and Political Science
Company: Stewart Watt & Co.
Title: Intern

In the words of Cece:
This summer, I interned at Stewart Watt & Co, a law firm based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Stewart Watt is a private client firm where I have been able to work under talented supervisors and learn the day-to-day responsibilities of this area of ​​law. My daily duties included calling clients, updating case files and researching previous cases to prepare reports for firm partners. Over the summer, I was able to develop my critical thinking skills by learning how to approach different cases depending on the variables involved. Also, I improved my organization skills as I had to balance controlling multiple cases at once. Being able to learn and grow in my field of study has been hugely transformative, but being able to do it abroad has made it a life-changing experience that I know I can take with me to my future endeavours.

Erica Steele
Major at Lehigh: Supply Chain Management
Company: B. Braun
Title: Supply Chain Department

In the words of Erica:
B. Braun is a medical company located here in Bethlehem. I worked in their supply chain department with planners and buyers. My main responsibilities were placing purchase orders, updating delivery dates, creating open order reports to discuss with suppliers, and adjusting safety stock levels and minimum lot sizes.

I learned a lot from this opportunity, such as what day-to-day work is like in the supply chain, how to use my leadership and communication skills effectively in the workplace, and how to better manage my time. I learned how often problem solving skills are useful. I grew because I feel more confident knowing that I have a good starting experience under myself and know how to adapt and grow for the future.

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