Doremus+Co agency unveils new brand transformation

Award-winning B2B agency Doremus+Co has unveiled a total brand makeover, including a new visual identity and website redesign to present a fresh, modern look in an era of B2B marketing creativity.

The reintroduction of +Co. in the logo treatment signifies the 119-year-old agency’s continued commitment to partnership and collaboration, while a colorful and distinct new type system has been implemented on a revamped website, a swag of agency and other media to instantly distinguish itself from traditional B2B shops and convey that Doremus+Co is an agency that has always favored and invested in creativity as much as in strategy.

“With the creative identity process, we wanted to pay homage to our long history and reflect the modern world we live and work in,” said Paul Hirsch, President and Chief Creative Officer of Doremus+Co. “The result for us is branding that nods to our past, but also represents our creative approach to helping connect B2B marketers to their customers – and their brand to their bottom line.”

The brand refresh, handled by Play Studio, features an alphabet graphic in orange, blue, gold, and gray. Key design elements include brand colors, a new Doremus (“Good Company for Complex Brands”) logo and slogan, ABC diatype font, and graphic alphabet.

“The visual identity system honors our heritage while modernizing it with a playful sensibility that reflects our creative culture,” said Kelly Higgins, CMO of Doremus+Co. “With our new look, we celebrate the agency’s dynamism and the fact that B2B creativity is increasingly recognized as an important part of the advertising landscape.”

Doremus+Co was created in 1903 by Clarence Barron of the Wall Street Journal. While its early work focused on creating “grassroots advertising” for financial services companies, the agency has constantly reinvented itself to offer advertising and marketing services to help businesses of all shapes and sizes. sizes to adapt to cultural changes, new technologies and changing audiences. Its customers include LEGO Education, Office Depot, XPO Logistics and Shell. The agency, part of the Omnicom group, has offices in New York, San Francisco, London, Frankfurt, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

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