Digital Pi Introduces Bizible Consulting and Helps B2B Companies Attribute Marketing Efforts to Revenue

DALLAS, Feb. 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — digital pia Merkle company and a global team of strategists marketing automation consultantsnow offers Bizible Expert Consulting Services to help businesses better understand the impact of their marketing efforts on their revenue.

Bizible is a powerful B2B marketing attribution tool that integrates with marketing automation platforms, such as Adobe Marketo Engage. The tool provides automatic, omni-channel, multi-touch attribution, providing visibility into which channels drive the most customer engagement.

Businesses often face challenges in properly configuring Bizible and interpreting the results after configuration. These issues, combined with turnover and resource issues, can impact an organization’s ability to drive adoption. Digital Pi’s new service offerings address these challenges to help businesses gain powerful insights for the long haul.

Digital Pi now offers end-to-end expert Bizible consulting services at all stages:

Strategy to set the vision – Digital Pi’s Bizible team helps companies assess reporting needs and develop attribution strategies to best meet business needs and goals. Based on the information acquired during the discovery, the consultants develop a personalized strategy to meet the demands of the stakeholders.

Implementing and Optimizing Best Practices – Digital Pi helps companies create a solid foundation for measuring attribution by configuring channels and sub-channel framework, developing CRM activity touchpoints, mapping life cycle stages, etc.

Ongoing Bizible Analytics Managed Services – Bizible experts work with stakeholders to develop and customize reports that complement existing Marketo, CRM, and native Bizible reports. This service offering helps companies fill gaps in resources and expertise.

The transition to Bizible consulting is natural for Digital Pi, as the service ties into the revenue attribution component of the business. gold standard fundamental processes. As with all marketing automation platforms the company specializes in, Digital Pi’s goal with Bizible is not just to implement or optimize, but to continue working with analytics at as companies evolve as part of a company’s overall marketing automation strategy.

Learn more about Digital Pi’s Bizible Expert Consulting Services:

About Digital Pi: Digital Pi helps companies build, manage and optimize their marketing automation on a global scale. Our customers need marketing technology that enables sales and marketing to engage customers effectively and efficiently, with the ability to continuously measure and optimize. As part of Merkle B2B, we offer a full suite of service offerings that are transforming B2B organizations around the world.

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