Dbrand withdraws PS5 Darkplates from sale after Sony threatens legal action


Earlier this year, Dbrand started selling matte black PS5 side plates which he called Darkplates, and when he did, he baited Sony straight to the product information page for “Go ahead, continue. -we”. We’ve got our hands on some, and they look exactly what you’d expect, making the sides of your PS5 black instead of white. They even have their own tongue-in-cheek version of the PlayStation icon’s microtexture.

As of Saturday, however, you can no longer buy Darkplates, as Dbrand pulled them off sale after (perhaps unsurprisingly) receiving a cease and desist letter from Sony. (If you are visiting the Darkplates site right now, it just displays a list of news articles, including those from The edge).

Dbrand shared the letter with The edge, which we have included at the bottom of the article. Sony raises some grievances in the letter, in particular by contesting the way in which the facades “reproduce the [Sony Interactive Entertainment] copyrighted product design ”and with Dbrand’s versions of the PlayStation icons. Dbrand says the letter was released earlier this year but did not provide an exact timeline as to the date.

As part of the letter, Sony called on Dbrand to “cease and desist promptly and permanently all marketing and promotion and cease all worldwide sales of facades featuring SIE’s PS5 facades product configuration or any configuration of similar product, including, without limitation, all facades currently for sale on dbrand.com.

Dbrand does not seem to agree to abide by a permanent cease and desist, however. He says he will comply for the moment.

Or more precisely: “We have chosen to comply with the demands of the terrorists … for now,” writes Dbrand in this 1,666-word article on the company’s subreddit, stuffed with harsh words for Sony and even a few bombs. F. The company signs with “Talk soon”, suggesting that it already has other plans.

Dbrand has a bit of whataboutism in trying to blame the popular Netflix show Squid game.
Image: Dbrand

This isn’t the first time Sony has threatened to sue the PS5 sideplates. A company that started life as PlateStation5 changed its name to CustomizeMyPlates, then canceled and refunded orders, allegedly after Sony threatened legal action, VGC reported in November. This company returned in January and is selling their personalized plaques again.

Part of the reason there’s a market for sideplates is probably because removing them from a PS5 isn’t too difficult. In fact, Sony shows exactly how you can do it in its official console teardown.

The ease with which you can remove the plates from the PS5 not only makes it easier to access the inner workings of the console, but could also hint that it plans to release other versions of the side plates in the future. You can now buy red and black DualSense controllers and a black Pulse 3D headset is on the way, suggesting that Sony is at least experimenting with other color combinations for its accessories, so an official set of black side plates does not feel outside the realm of the possible.

If you don’t want to wait for Sony, however, you have an option of fewer third-party sideplates to choose from while Dbrand is off the market.

Updated October 16 at 12:54 am ET: Added information from a Dbrand article on Reddit.

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