Credibility and relevance of content are key to growing a news organization: Aroon Purie

While the increase in the consumption of news on various platforms is an encouraging sign, the growth and survival of a news organization depends on the credibility and relevance of the content it offers to the public.

“The key to a news organization’s survival and growth remains the credibility and relevance of the content it provides to end users,” TV Today Network President Aroon Purie said in the annual report. the company for the year 2021-22.

He claimed that TV Today has never compromised on the primary goal of journalism, which is to bring the truth to the masses. Recalling the challenges posed by the pandemic, Purie said the news network “didn’t miss a single newsworthy moment, whether on television, in print or on our digital platforms.”

“Commitment to the gold standard of journalism is non-negotiable, come what may. appreciated by many,” he added. .

Purie also pointed out that the company’s flagship news channel, Aaj Tak, has reached 50 million subscribers on YouTube. According to Purie, this makes Aaj Tak the first and only news channel in the world to achieve this feat and win the coveted personalized play button.

He also talked about the rationale for launching Good News Today. “At a time when personal opinions, social media trolling and high-decibel bullying have been touted as news, Good News Today delivers upbeat and inspirational stories. It has already caused a stir across a wide spectrum news networks and was well received by our audience,” he said.

Purie also pointed out that the company has ventured into the digital audio business and launched its first podcast channel, Aaj Tak Radio. “We have also launched India Today Podcasts, with two new weekly shows in response to the growing need for enrichment and entertainment.”

In her message to shareholders, TV Today Network Vice President Kalli Purie spoke about viewers shifting from TV to digital and how the company has capitalized on this phenomenon. She referred to the company’s “Masterbrand strategy,” in which Masterbrand Tak owns interest-based sub-brands.

“As the audience shifted from the TV monitor to the privacy of the mobile phone screen, we launched a series of digital initiatives, in the form of digital mobile channels and now popular under the name Taks. The news version of Tak App hit the market in December last year with a fan base of over 55 million and 8.3 billion views per year on social media platforms,” she said.

The VP of TV Today said the Tak app has a pool of 19 video channels offering content in 11 genres in four languages ​​- Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and Gurumukhi, covering national, regional and international segments. particular interest.

She also revealed the company’s foray into the original content space through the launch of a new vertical called India Today Originals. The vertical will see two true crime documentary series, “Indian Predator – Diary of a Serial Killer” streaming on Netflix and “Dancing on the Grave” on Amazon Prime Video.

“And this year, we’ll debut on two of the biggest OTT platforms – Amazon Prime Video and Netflix – with our originals. This is just the beginning. With a new storytelling format, backed by creative freedom and supported through extensive research, the India Today Originals is poised to produce many more originals that are sure to take the OTT world by storm,” she noted.

The company said India Today Originals is a content hub that produces original series and features in the non-fiction and fiction space for streaming and audio platforms. He added that the vertical is supported by a vast pool of content generated by a battery of experienced correspondents, content writers and directors hand-picked by the company. Following its foray into the original content space, TV Today also became a member of the Producers Guild Of India.

In FY22, TV Today’s revenue from advertising and other related operations increased by 20% to Rs 852.54 crore from Rs 710.35 crore in FY21 due to improved rate of return as well as increased volume of ads from various TV news channels, YouTube channels, websites, mobile apps, and other media platforms. Subscription revenue was flat at Rs 62.30 crore from Rs 61.99 crore. Total revenue increased by 18.79% to Rs 930.10 crore from Rs 782.98 crore.

Total costs increased by 17% to Rs 727.65 crore from Rs 624.17 crore. Advertising, distribution and sales promotion expenditure increased by 25% to Rs 213.35 crore from Rs 170.34 crore. Profit for the year jumped 39% to Rs 181.72 crore from Rs 131.17 crore. EBITDA jumped 23% to Rs 244.78 crore from Rs 198.94 crore.

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