Coles selling $ 5 of Viennetta dessert dupe ice cream


The supermarket now sells a miniature version of a beloved ’90s ice cream – and customers are already salivating.

If you grew up in the 80s or 90s, you are probably very familiar with Viennetta Ice Cream Cake.

With its layers of creamy vanilla ice cream and chocolate, it was a staple at birthday parties, Christmas parties, and any occasion that called for a “fancy” dessert.

Now Coles has released a mini dupe of the famous sweet treat just in time for the holiday season, with Mini Vienna Ice Creams in stores this week.

The “nostalgic” ice cream is available for $ 5 for a pack of five, with Viennetta fans already frothing on it.

Mini Viennese Ice Cream on Sticks have been around in countries like the UK for quite some time now, so it’s understandably exciting that we Australians are finally getting our hands on it.

“We just don’t have words… they’re not a dream people… these smart folks at Coles have reinvented the iconic Viennetta dessert and created their new mini vanilla Vienna sticks!” The Grocery Geek AU shared on Facebook.

“Is there anything else you want in life? … We are leaving for Coles at full speed!

Others agreed, commenting that they “must have them” and sharing the enthusiasm that they had “finally” arrived in Australia.

“If this isn’t our childhood on a stick, I don’t know what it is !!” one person wrote.

“Next time we go to town, I’ll break a whole box, take yours,” another commented, tagging his friend.

“We need this as soon as possible,” said one commentator.

“The classic Viennetta cake is a nostalgic family favorite, synonymous with celebrations and Christmas,” Coles product developer Maddie Begala told

“So we’re very happy to present our own take on the classic dessert in the form of single serve ice cream sticks.

“Coles Mini Vienna Sticks are light and creamy with thin layers of chocolate – perfect after a feast and only contain 80 calories each. “

Mini Vienna Ice Creams are part of Coles’ Christmas collection, which the supermarket unveiled last week.

As of now, over 150 new or improved items will appear on Coles shelves to help shoppers celebrate the silly season.

There’s a crunchy smoked ham rib roast, which Coles promises to have their “best crackle” after extensive recipe development this year.

Last year’s popular roast salmon is back in a new ‘jazzed up’ take, this time with a ‘thick’ layer of herb, butter and lemon filling.

For dessert, Coles offers another “restaurant-quality” treat; a Mirror Ice Cream available in two flavors – Belgian Chocolate and Salted Caramel, and Raspberry, Vanilla and Belgian White Chocolate.

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