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Hubballi: The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), a branch of Hubballi, has stepped up measures to combat misuse of the BIS mark in the North Karnataka region.
Some products like cement, packaged drinking water and health products need to get an ISI mark in accordance with the BIS standard set by the Indian government. The office conducted a search on Tuesday and seized a company in Hubballi for abusing the BIS hallmark on gold without gaining recognition from the BIS.
Meanwhile, the office also discovered that many water treatment plants in northern Karnataka were selling packaged drinking water without a valid license.
DP Kumar, scientist and head of the BIS Hubballi branch, told TOI: “We have researched companies that do not follow BIS guidelines and misuse BIS Hallmark. BIS is the national standards body mandated under the BIS Act of 2016 to formulate Indian standards for products, processes and services covering different sectors of the economy. , punching system to monitor the implementation of standards. We conducted a search and seizure at the M / s Shubham Quality Hallmark Center in Hubballi on Tuesday and found that this company had abused the BIS hallmark on gold without gaining recognition from the BIS. We seized 46 grams of gold jewelry bearing a false hallmark. A criminal case will be filed against the company.
Research teams also found that most of the water treatment plants in North Karnataka, which sell packaged drinking water, do not have a valid license and sell water without BIS recognition. “They would have to renew their license every year to sell their products, but most factories don’t go through this process. We will soon seize such plants, ”he said.
BIS, a subsidiary of Hubballi, which was established in 2019, raised awareness of the importance of the BIS brand on products in various forms with the help of local government offices. “We have also launched a mobile application – BIS Care – to help consumers verify the authenticity of ISI-branded products,” he said.
Any information regarding the misuse of the ISI trademark on a product can be communicated to the Bureau by email / letter or via the BIS Care application, which will remain strictly confidential, he appealed.



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