Are Tony Hawk’s Liquid Death skateboards still available? Product update!



On August 24, Liquid Death, the canned water company, released their custom skateboards in collaboration with legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk.

However, a canned water company selling skateboards isn’t the strangest part of this collaboration. These newly created boards are covered in paint infused with Tony’s real blood.

This is not the first time that a celebrity has created products containing blood. Who could forget the famous Satan shoes from Lil Nas X!

Liquid Death and Tony Hawk’s collaboration explored

In the 56-second promotional clip released by the company, we see Tony announce that he recently became an ambassador for the Los Angeles-based company.

He jokes that they own his soul and blood now. In addition, the frame of the video holds the skateboarder hostage. The promo clip even shows Tony’s blood being drawn. It is then poured into the red paint which is used to design the planks.

Finally, graphics featuring a spooky creature are printed on the Liquid Death skateboards.

Joking more about his collaboration in the video, Tony said he didn’t read the fine print in the agreement sent to him and now needs to relinquish ownership of his blood.

In the tweet accompanying the promotional video, the company revealed that the blood had been sterilized before use. Liquid Death added jokingly, “While it can undoubtedly make the world a better place, never use these cards to create Tony Hawk clones.”

The skateboard, priced at $ 500, is sold on the official Liquid Death website.

Are skateboards still available?

  • No, unfortunately they are sold out.

Despite being priced at $ 500, the blood-infused skateboards sold out within an hour of release. In addition, Liquid Death notified in its Tweeter earlier that this is a limited edition collaboration. Therefore, only 100 of them were made.

In the promo video, the 53-year-old skateboarder, nicknamed Birdman, revealed that part of the proceeds will go to “killing” plastic pollution and building skate parks for “underserved” communities in the United States.

Twitter reacts to the product

Needless to say, fans on social media were taken aback by Tony’s recent collaboration with Liquid Death. Here’s how a few people reacted on Twitter …

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