Alomar: KFH has come a long way in transforming HR towards digitalization


KFH Group Human Resources Director Zeyad Abdullah Alomar said the world is undergoing a transformation towards a smart environment of digitization in all banking sectors. He noted that it is essential, given these changes, to transform the human resources department towards digitalization, to focus on the automation of operations and to achieve the strategic objectives as quickly as possible while keeping in the mind that KFH has come a long way in this area.

Alomar said in his interview with Banks magazine (Al-Masaref) that modern technology is starting to replace routine work. He added that the human factor is expected to fill in the gaps that the normal automated system cannot comprehend. He said that they should also guide the process of operating these systems so that they can take into account the benefits of these technologies.

He added: “We are on the verge of witnessing a transformation of skills which require a transfer from the operational system to those with high tech experience. They need appropriate training to take on the new roles. The prospects for productivity have increased as systems have saved a lot of time in processing many activities and made them instantaneous in some cases.

He reiterated that KFH is committed to providing the necessary support to employees to be able to transition to the new business form, thus representing a new caliber for the future of the business. The increased use of professional talking robots in call centers and the use of XTM devices and self-service centers will improve the quality of future employees.

He said that the approval of modern technology in the banking industry will result in new developments and benefits in the industry. Regarding developments, he said that there is no doubt that technology will greatly contribute to the creation of new types of jobs that were not widely known or considered before, for example auditing and testing. protection of systems, structuring of services based on technology and products, cybersecurity, online marketing, distance selling, online communication with customers, network maintenance, improvement of technological infrastructure and other work of a special nature. In the meantime, the new statute will require employees to acquire certain skills and abilities, which were not previously required, to match their new functions and jobs. In this regard, the human resources department will be required to prepare a new job description for employees, determine functional tasks precisely to avoid interconnections and conflicts of functions, apply new security standards, efficiency, performance appraisal and to set up a fully integrated system for salaries. , salaries, allowances, benefits and promotions to attract distinguished candidates in the aforementioned fields and magnify their role in various fields of activity.

Alomar added that the increased dependence on modern technology and the digitization of banking sector businesses, activities, services and products will fully play a major role in mitigating spending, increasing income , improving the quality of service, speed, precision and security. These factors should allow employees, especially on the front line and in branch offices, to have free time to play the marketing role, achieve the set objectives, increase profitability, increase market share and avoid semi-automated work in the field. routine that consumes the employee’s abilities and carries the errors.

Alomar reiterated that the human factor, including highly distinguished and effective talents and their role, are very essential to perform a job, whether through automated systems and programs or through normal traditional methods. These traditional methods are expected to remain in place for some time as a certain category of customers is still not able to fully adapt to new modern technological means. As a result, we have to face the capabilities and capabilities of our customers and consider modern technology to ensure that it is used appropriately by customers by continuing to use technology and the human factor at the same time. The employee will always have a role, the importance of which will vary from time to time.

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