Adam Cox of helps Jamils ​​Steakhouse in Tulsa secure $695,000 in restaurant sale-leaseback

Businesses with bad credit can avoid high interest rates and capital costs with a new concept in the leaseback space for any real estate transaction is better than banks at business financing, the guarantee that we are better at business financing is in our name!

—Adam Cox

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA, ESTADOS UNIDOS, October 7, 2022 / — Interest rates are skyrocketing, many businesses are looking for ways to overcome high interest rates, it’s very difficult in the restaurant industry, but every industry in America is affected, things only getting worse as interest rates skyrocket and higher. That’s when a sale-leaseback transaction from the Guaranteed Business Funding website recently helped a historic restaurant in Tulsa Oklahoma overcome restrictions and high bank interest rates, and opted for a fast closing solution, without the need for lengthy credit checks, in fact no need for any credit. That’s what the business secured finance website offers its clients, it recently helped Jamils ​​a famous Steakhouse in Tulsa, known for generations as the best steakhouse in Oklahoma with a leaseback of worth almost $700,000 and closed it much faster than expected.

With the economy faltering, the stock market soaring and deflating almost immediately, funding for restaurants and small businesses has dried up, which is especially difficult for newcomers to business, who have poor credit, poor balance sheets or poor cash flow. However, this is where Secured Business Finance stands out and shines like a financial beacon in a sea of ​​rejected reviews from banks and lending websites that litter the internet according to Adam Cox on the Secured Business Finance website. Adam Cox of Guaranteed Business Funding says the sale-leaseback or sale-leaseback program is designed so there’s no need to verify or even verify things like credit, income, or time spent in the business, but what’s the caveat? Well, the caveat in this leaseback program of secured business financing is equity, yes that is what is needed. According to Adam Cox of Guaranteed Business Funding, what you need to qualify for the website sale-leaseback program is 50% or more equity, he says where there is equity, there is a deal to close, and they can do it quickly, with closing times on their sale-leaseback as fast as 10 days from start to a check in your hand.

However, many business owners with bad or no credit see the high costs of financing the business, or very high interest rates, which is different with this program according to Adam Cox of Guaranteed Business Funding, he often says you’ll see an upfront cost of just 1% per month in the form of monthly rent, since it’s a sale-leaseback, or rent as some might call it, your rent outstanding is normally around 1% per month after the sale-leaseback is finalized.

But what about business owners who eventually want to own the real estate again or really don’t want to sell the real estate? Well, although you are selling the real estate outright in a sale-leaseback or sale-leaseback transaction, the program offered by secured business financing is different because it allows you to buy back the real estate in 10 years, at a cost as low as 25% below the appraised value at the time you sold it, this is unique in the sale-leaseback world and gives business owners who wish to free money, while maintaining a path to repossess on favorable terms a path to do so.

If you’re a business owner and want to avoid a high cost of finance because you have bad credit, a sale-leaseback might be good, or if cost isn’t an issue, selling a part of your projected future sales is also good. However, a third often overlooked option is crowdsourcing or crowdfunding, this can be used to replace high cost debt, but more often than not is ideal for start-ups. Guarnteed BUsiness Funding also helps business owners raise capital on crowdfunding websites such as mainvest or kickstarter by providing a commission-only marketing service, which helps entrepreneurs find investors in their business after

Within ten years of your sale-leaseback, you can buy back the property on possibly favorable, below-market terms. This allows you to work on your credit and your business cash flow, so you can get a normal loan or an SBA loan from a regular bank or traditional financial institution at interest rates or hopefully favorable future financing costs.

Also, one of the really cool things about a sale-leaseback transaction to free up hidden capital in real estate or any other asset, is to sell something that normally doesn’t require credit, it would be very strange actually if you wanted to sell equipment or real estate and the buyer wanted to check your credit. This is true in many cases, including those with secured trade finance. leaseback program with no credit needed. Finding a real estate leaseback program with no credit needed can be difficult, and for many it is, but hours of research online can pay off by finding websites like secured business financing that offer a Rentback real estate sale without the need for credit program.

With a sale-leaseback or sale-leaseback transaction, there are also other benefits, such as not having to pay property tax, and some maintenance costs would possibly be included in your rent, but the The main benefit for most people is the release of much needed money that is locked up in the business, without having to leave the business and possibly lose customers who don’t follow you to your new location.

Secured business financing also helps business owners with no real estate or hard assets needed, again without stringent credit requirements through a cash advance on future business sales. This is also called a merchant cash advance and is where you typically sell 5-20% of your future earnings for cash today. Normally, the future income sold is not forever, but rather for a specified period of time, or until a specified amount of funds has been received by the buyer from those future sales.

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