ActionIQ launches a complete B2B Sol customer data platform


ActionIQ, the leading enterprise customer data platform (CDP), today introduced a B2B edition of its platform. As B2B buyers increasingly act like B2C consumers – waiting for digitally driven self-service options and the ability to interact across multiple channels – the ActionIQ B2B CDP empowers B2B businesses to create experiences superior customer for their prospects and customers.

The B2B ActionIQ CDP leverages all known and anonymous customer and account data to create a 360-degree customer view that powers highly personalized and impactful customer experiences. Actionable insights from the new solution enable B2B businesses to run more effective account-based marketing (ABM) and prospecting, account conversion and integration, and account growth and retention programs.

The enhanced capabilities of the ActionIQ B2B CDP include:

  • B2B data partnerships to increase accounting intelligence
  • B2B data model to map and analyze users through their profiles, behaviors and account dimensions
  • Self-service user interface to democratize experience analysis, modeling and orchestration
  • B2B marketing technology integrations including ABM and product analysis tools

The ActionIQ B2B CDP runs on InfiniteCompute, the industry-leading ActionIQ proprietary data infrastructure that offers unlimited computing power.

“As we see in the B2C world, B2B brands are driven to deliver more consistent and relevant customer experiences,” said Justin debrabant, Vice President of Products at ActionIQ. “However, B2B companies face unique challenges, particularly the complexity of the typical B2B data model, with multiple hierarchies of identities and the need to stimulate intelligence and activation within and across these different identities. The ActionIQ B2B CDP addresses these needs, fueling a modern customer experience stack.

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