7 beauty brands to watch out for


In the beauty industry, there is no slack season. Every month, a multitude of new brands are entering the market. We keep track of new brands you need to know every month and tell you why they’re important. This month, that includes the first skincare brand to base its product recommendations on hormonal testing, a sunscreen brand with an ’80s nostalgia-focused branding, and a few global imports, including a “clean” hair care brand from France which is launching at Neiman Marcus; and a “clean” skin care brand from Japan which is making its debut at Sephora.

Founder Allie Egan’s “aha” moment that led to the launch of her brand came from her own hormonal testing while also dealing with fertility issues. When she identified her own hormonal imbalances, she realized that many women could benefit from this information – for starters, they could better target their skin care needs. Earlier this month, she launched Veracity, a direct-to-consumer skin care company that recommends products to customers based on a home hormone test using their saliva. After sending a vial of sputum to the lab, they are given a skin care recommendation based on an analysis of their hormone levels. The test results are also accompanied by recommendations on how to make the necessary improvements. to their hormonal health. The brand is launching with six products: four “vital concentrates” at $ 55 (which Egan calls “super serums”), a serum and a moisturizer. Of the concentrates, Egan said they are “specially designed to treat the effects of hormonal imbalances on the skin. For example, they treat the effects of low estrogen (Hydration Balance) or high estrogen (Brightening Support).


One of the liveliest and most splashing beauty product launches of the year, Vacation (a direct-to-consumer brand selling primarily SPF) trades nostalgia, which has taken over just about every element of the l beauty industry. In Vacation’s case, the focus is on vacations and recreation in the ’80s. The brand calls its products “recreation-enhancing” and its sunscreen smells of coconut and banana. The launch was buzzing from the jump, thanks to a successful ‘business card generator’ featured on its website that spit out headlines to participating visitors, like “Margarita Shaking Supervisor” and “VP of Birds of Paradise Aesthetics Assessment”. Thousands of people have claimed their “titles” and shared them on social media. More than 12,000 people signed up with the tool, and the brand didn’t put any money into it the first few days. In addition to the Classic Lotion SPF 30 ($ 20), she sells a mineral formula (Mineral Lotion SPF 30, $ 22), an SPF oil (Chardonnay Oil SPF 30, $ 22), a Super Spritzer Hydrating Face Mist ($ 12 ) and the cheeky “Vacation” from Vacation Eau de Toilette ($ 60) – so you, too, can feel summer anytime.


There’s no shortage of new beauty brands coming out of the United States, but when you factor in the different brands that are not yet available locally, the selection is really, incomprehensibly vast. Fortunately, retailers like Sephora buy international brands that they deem worthy of importation and presented to American buyers. The latest example is DamDam, a minimal aesthetic Japanese skincare line that adheres to Sephora’s “Clean at Sephora” standards. The brand Nomad’s Cream Purifying Exfoliating Cleanser is gentle enough for everyday use, but also exfoliates, thanks to the Japanese root crop konnyaku which dissolves in the skin during massage.


Another brand making its debut in the United States is the French haircare line Lazartigue, which launched in early June from Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Lord & Taylor. The brand ticks many boxes of a modern beauty brand, including eco-friendly packaging (it’s 100% recyclable), “clean” ingredients (97% are of natural origin) and a strong commercial presence. Plus, of course, he’s got that French I do not know what. the Rebalance Shampoo ($ 32) uses ingredients like rice vinegar and spirulina to cleanse the scalp.


There is no Huda Kattan stop. Initially known for promoting full makeup, the mega-influencer turned entrepreneur (her brand has 49 million followers on Instagram) has just introduced a new franchise to her popular brand, Huda Beauty. Glowish launched earlier this month with four products: a skin tone and bronzer, and brushes for each. the Multidew Vegan Tinted Foundation ($ 37) is without a doubt the hero and represents the biggest shift in makeup trends towards a more natural look. In this formula, squalane is believed to hydrate the skin, Damascus rose oil is believed to soothe, and red pepper extract is believed to defend against blue light.


Liis, a new fragrance brand launched with three fragrances, is the brainchild of two beauty veterans. Co-founder Leslie Hendin was Creative Director at Vintner’s Daughter, while co-founder Alissa Sullivan was Director of Product Development at Hourglass, L’Artisan Parfumeur and Penhaligon’s. The brand has developed its three perfumes, Studied, Rose Struck and Bo, with the famous perfumer Jérôme Epinette. Each is $ 165 and available on the brand’s website.


OEM, short for On Earth Momentarily, was co-founded by Shun Kinoshita and Ceilidh MacLeod, who sought to reimagine what wellness looks like, starting with the common cold. The range includes a CBD-enriched lip balm and anti-muscle cream, a balm for dry skin, a CBD wellness drink (designed to work as a healthier Gatorade) and, of course, a disinfectant for hands. “A lot of people use CBD to manage pain, so when you experience these flu aches, rubbing a topical into the joints and muscles may help provide relief,” MacLeod said. “CBD is an effective anti-inflammatory and can ease the discomfort you feel around your nasal passages with congestion. CBD has also been shown to provide regenerating and soothing benefits to the skin. Many of us have dry skin and dehydration when we have a cold, and CBD actually “talks” to receptors (endocannabinoids) on the skin, telling them to stop sending the wrong message, leading to skin rash. healthier. The brand’s vibe is designed to make you feel taken care of, even when you’re feeling uncomfortable.

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