Free lawyer for credit and over-indebtedness.

The use of a lawyer when one is in a situation of over- indebtedness is too much neglected, whereas it is probably one of the moments where it is justified the most. There are free legal services that can help people who are over-indebted.

The lawyer can help the over-indebted.

The lawyer can help the over-indebted.

When we have a credit that takes us by the throat, it is wise to have recourse to a lawyer, who can help in this difficult situation that is overindebtedness.

Consumer credit simplifies the lives of people, whether on the consumer side, the people who buy, or the side of the merchants. It is a facility that allows you to acquire property that you can not pay in cash. But, as always with money, it is also a huge source of problems, with many people who end up with credits on the back, which they did not necessarily choose to have, at least in knowingly. There are several laws to defend individuals from the abuses of consumer credit companies, and there are many.

Do not pay your credit. The lawyer can negotiate with the financial organizations, based on possible irregularities, to pay the credit less expensive, the organizations preferring to negotiate rather than engage in legal fees.

A lawyer is also a moral support not to be neglected. He is looking for a solution to an over-indebtedness problem, and will negotiate, before it’s too late. His consulting role is vital, not leaving you alone with your money problem. It will prevent you from making heavy commitments or accepting unfavorable proposals. There are several concrete points where the lawyer can offer legal aid for anyone in debt, here are a few:

  • Procedure for the recovery of debt distress: the procedures are established by judges.
  • Payment deadlines: the lawyer will negotiate the best rescheduling to repay the debts.
  • Personal adjustment: case-by-case study, file to file, to determine the best way to get the consumer back on their feet.
  • Debt cancellation, at the end of an over-indebtedness procedure.
  • Challenge an order for payment order

Department Committee of Access to Law

It is a public interest group, provided for by the law of July 10, 1991, placed under the president of high authority of the chief town of the department. This structure, which brings together several actors of justice (such as lawyers, notaries, local authorities, social organizations, bailiffs) works for access to law and amicable resolution of conflicts.

Each DCAL has a fundamental role in informing users of Justice. They are housed in the district court of the county seat of the department. Many use the Internet as a medium for communication and information, so you can start your search for a free lawyer by consulting the DCAL websites of your department.

Fight against over-indebtedness

  • Debt file, instructions for use
  • Start from scratch with personal recovery
  • Find a free lawyer
  • How to buy back a repurchase of credit
  • Insurance and over-indebtedness
  • To avoid the lapse of the term
  • All about overdraft fees
  • Payment incident: beginning of over-indebtedness

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The lawyer is there to help us, but it is expensive. Fortunately, there is free legal assistance.

Money is often a source of conflict, of misunderstanding. When there is a conflict, that can not be resolved amicably, everyone believes in his right, it is common to appeal to Justice, the courts.

Unfortunately, we know that the call to Justice, which is supposed to be free for all, is in practice expensive: we need to call on a lawyer to accompany us in our legal proceedings.

When we are in conflict with a credit company, we do not have much money for us, and therefore even less to pay a lawyer. But fortunately we have the right to have a lawyer for free, if we do not have enough resources. Even people who have tried to defraud credit have the right to a free lawyer, a court-appointed.


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