Debts and prison: how to repay your credits.

A prison sentence does not suspend the current repayments of the convicted person. He must always pay his debts . He can get social benefits, warn his creditors or work in prison to continue paying.

The deprivation of liberty is problematic at the time of paying its outstanding credits.

When you’re in prison, it’s hard to work to make money, and therefore difficult to repay a credit. It is not because one is in prison that the debt is erased. A prisoner risks, like the others, a procedure of personal recovery, where all his goods will be sold to repay his creditors.

It is possible to mitigate the financial impact of incarceration and job loss by acting quickly, preferably before incarceration, even before judgment.

Financial support from CAF not that much). To situate, we are talking about a salary around 1.50 euros per hour, as indicated by Bastamag, about 300 euros per month, sometimes more, sometimes even less!

This money can be used to pay for some small comforts in prison,

In this case, to be used for saving or repaying a loan. Let’s not forget: many people at the SMIC do not manage to put 300 euros aside, the prisoners who work measure well their privilege compared to other prisoners.

Nevertheless, this low-cost work is unfair competition with “traditional” companies, which normally have to pay their employees. Not to mention the shameless exploitation of these workers happy with the little we give them. To illustrate, the International Observatory of Prisons has developed an infographic.

 Infographic of the International Prison Observatory on the work of detainees. Difficult to really rely on this “salary” to repay a credit: it is often a random income, according to the order book. We work a lot when there is a lot of demand, we do not work when there is none.

A small part of the money from work (or received) is paid, it is the ” liberty savings “, which the prisoner will recover upon his release. Another part of the money is used to compensate the civil parties.

Ban Public – Association for Communication on Prisons and Imprisonment in Europe

  • People under the law – Red Cross
  • Action France prison – Catholic Relief
  • People Relief
  • ANVP – National Association of Prison Visitors

MarKet’s review

The incarceration should not rhyme with financial ruin of the one who will pay his debt towards the society being deprived of freedom.

It is not a question of applying a double sentence to him, especially since he has probably already had to face large expenses, between the lawyer’s fees or the transport costs. Once in prison, the prisoner can ask for help from SPIP , the Prison and Probation Service, which will accompany the convicted person in his actions.

There is very little financial support, but with some tips, it is possible to minimize the effects of the prison . This aid is especially valid for the spouse, who has to face family expenses, but alone. The CAF and the social assistance of the Social Action Center of his place of residence must be informed, with a certificate of imprisonment issued by the penitentiary establishment. From then on, these organizations will be able to guide the spouse towards the steps to take to receive social benefits.

The prisoner must organize himself financially, taking the lead before being put in overindebtedness. Make a purchase of credit to lower the monthly payments, rent his apartment to pay the credit, file an over-indebtedness file, sell valuable goods everything will be better than being seized by a bailiff and having strictly no longer nothing at the end of prison, while continuing to owe money in addition to the criminal record, real brake to employment.


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